Hate Solar Panels? Me Too

Written By Christian DeHaemer

Posted March 27, 2017

Honestly, I hate the look of solar roof panels.

Maybe I just grew up during a period where seeing something like this on your neighbor’s roof was quite rare…


It’s hard for me to get behind them, because even though the cost of solar panels has been cut in half over the past few years, its hard to put your money into something that ruins your home’s curb appeal.

But as always, Tesla is here to save the day.

Last October Elon Musk revealed that Tesla will start producing solar roofs –and not just any solar roof– these panels can’t be distinguished from ordinary roofing tiles.  

They look something like this:

 TSLA %40 Roof                                                          Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg writes, “Musk said Tesla’s new solar roof product will actually cost less to manufacture and install than a traditional roof—even before savings from the power bill.”

That’s a pretty tall order, but nothing unusual from Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and co-founder of companies like SolarCity and Paypal.

The solar roof that Tesla installs will still be costly because it’ll be made from some of the more costly roofing tiles like Tuscan, glass, and slate tiles, but solar panels have never been cheap. It’s their generation of electricity and environmental friendliness that have made people buy them –and once Tesla’s through with them, it could be their looks as well.

And they’re finally ready to go. Last week Musk tweeted that Tesla will begin taking orders for their solar roofs in April, with installations expected sometime mid-year.

Soon we’ll be able to walk down the street and not be able to tell which houses are run by solar power.

Now that’s the kind of solar roof I’m looking forward to.

To continue reading more about Tesla’s solar roofs, read the Bloomberg article.

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