GE's Uninterruptible Power Supply System

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted August 28, 2012

From General Electric (NYSE: GE) Digital Energy comes a new Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system, the VH series. The VH Series Single Phase UPS promises true voltage and frequency independent double-conversion technology, meaning fully secure power for a variety of applications.

It uses the voltage and frequency independent (VFI) technology in order to protect electrical systems from fluctuations in power and frequency; as a result, key loads receive a uniform sinewave. Should any peak loads go beyond the specified upper limit of the UPS, a failsafe bypass will seamlessly transfer power from inverter to bypass, meaning the load will continue receiving power. A static switch, instead of a relay, ensures that the VH series has very fast switching capabilities.

The system essentially protects against power surges and utility failure, a major cause of data loss.

From a GE press release:

“What voltage may be okay for a light bulb or refrigerator, in terms of utility performance, is not acceptable in today’s digitized world,” said Riccardo Rutili, product leader for power quality at GE’s Digital Energy business. “GE’s VH Series UPS is designed to meet the high performance power delivery needs of both the IT industry and the ever-increasing list of power-hungry systems such as MRI machines, critical servers and sensitive, critical electrical loads.”

The VH series also boasts easily swappable batteries, which provide power adequate to either last the duration of a typical utility failure or safely shut down the load if necessary. GE’s Superior Battery Management seeks to provide optimal battery management and maintenance, and GE backs it up with a 3-year warranty on both the UPS and battery.

The UPS can also choose between boost and float charging methods, enabling full recharging within two hours. It also has a laser printer mode, which allows it to handle high peak loads without resorting to battery power.

This replaces GE’s previous GT product line, provides numerous connectivity ports, and is almost half the size of the GT series units. It can be installed in tower or rack mode.

GE’s Digital Energy unit focuses on protection, control, communication, power sensing, and power quality management. Mostly, it develops solutions for power management and optimization of generators, motors, transmission lines, and so on.

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