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GE WattStation EV Chargers

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted July 16, 2012

General Electric’s (NYSE: GE) Industrial Solutions unit recently unveiled, in collaboration with PayPal, a complete Electric Vehicle (EV) charging program.

The WattStation Connect is a mobile app, already available on Apple’s iTunes Store, that can be used to locate the nearest WattStation EV charger, check charger status, and list all pricing options. It’s even synced with PayPal to make payments easier.

The solution is ingeniously simple. The WattStation chargers have QR codes which users scan with their app on the phone, and this displays all relevant information for that specific charger. A website,, works in tandem with the app to seek out nearby charging stations.

This kind of technology is a milestone in EV innovation. With this kind of ease in finding GE’s new WattStation chargers, it could make electric vehicles all the more desirable.

Michael Mahan, product general manager for GE’s EV business, said in a press release:

“Our full line of EV charging solutions is designed with the end user top of mind. This collaborative agreement with PayPal enables us to offer EV drivers a convenient way to charge their vehicles, which is essential to nurturing the mass adoption of EVs in the future.”

GE’s Industrial Solutions unit focuses on researching and developing technologies and solutions related to electrical infrastructure, including delivery, conversions, and optimizing power across varying industrial demand situations.

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