GE (NYSE: GE) Technology Helps Save on Fuel Cost

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted September 26, 2012

Wayne, a GE (NYSE: GE) Energy subsidiary and innovator in fueling solutions, is using its automatic temperature compensation (ATC) technology to help businesses save costs.

ATC, according to GE’s press release, “measures the temperature of petroleum products during delivery and automatically computes the volume that would have been dispensed at 15°C.” That figure is a reference temperature and an international standard for all purchases and sales of petroleum products; because temperature differences cause fuel volumes to vary, a ‘constant’ reference temperature makes things easier all around.

ATC helps U.K. fuel retailers save money when fuels are stored at an average temperature under that international standard. ATC works by measuring the temperature when the fuel is actually metered to the consumer, and it adjusts the volume being dispensed accordingly. The sales display indicates the price and volumes. This ultimately ensures consistent fuel metering and delivery.

Both new and legacy Wayne dispensers can use this technology, and it protects against quite significant losses and discrepancies when temperature changes affect the volume of stored fuel.

From the GE press release:

“Existing installations of both Wayne Harmony™ and Wayne Opus™ 9000 fuel dispensers in the U.K. can be easily modified to incorporate the ATC technology,” says Soren Powell-Holse, sales manager U.K. & EIRE at Wayne. “Modifying existing dispensers helps fuel retailers avoid significant losses of stock and income.”

Currently, all fueling sites in the U.K. that want to make use of the ATC technology are getting their legacy Wayne pumps retrofitted to make it possible.

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