Electric Vehicle Black Friday Deal

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted November 20, 2012

If you’re in California, you should be preparing to buy a 2012 CODA all-electric car this holiday weekend.

Per CleanTechnica.com, CODA Automotive will be providing a free GE WattStation wall-mounted charging station to California residents who make the above purchase anytime between now and December 2.

Not only does that mean almost $10,000 off in state and federal tax rebates, but it also means another $2,000 off in the form of the free charger. Pretty sweet Black Friday deal, if you ask me.

CODA’s been fairly generous with incentives lately. There was a $552 rebate recently, which is equivalent to recharging a CODA 5-door sedan for almost 10,000 miles of driving (based on present electricity rates), as CleanTechnica reports.

CODA has consistently earned top grades from auto magazines; both Popular Mechanics and autoguide.com praised its battery range. The CODA 2012 EV gets 88 miles on a charge (though drivers claim a longer range).

California’s a popular state for clean energy and renewables, and the state is enthusiastic in its support for this emergent and vital sector. But outside of California, the story isn’t necessarily so rosy.

President Obama’s re-election might offer cause for hope; he had already given the go-ahead on establishing a network of cutting-edge battery manufacturers in Michigan, which ended up creating a healthy number of jobs.

Electric vehicles rely on a nerve network of charging stations and battery manufacturers, so that was a critical step in the right direction. Over the remainder of his new term, we should expect the EV market to expand significantly.

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