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Brian Hicks

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Posted September 10, 2012

TransPower, a clean energy tech company, has chosen Flux Power Holdings (PINK: FLUX) to deliver battery packs for its prototype battery-powered electric trucks that were unveiled at PortTechExpo. Flux Power develops durable and scalable battery management solutions.

TransPower showcased the Flux Power trucks, which can offload shipping containers such as those in use at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. The new trucks were developed using funding courtesy of California Energy Commission grants and can eliminate the need for conventional diesel engines. In doing so, it could go a long way toward reducing emissions in already-congested ports. The Flux Power website features photographs and video of the demonstration.

From the Herald Online:

“We are delighted to be a part of TransPower’s new commercial semi-trucks. Full-battery electric or plug-in hybrid commercial vehicles hold enormous potential for reducing petroleum consumption and substantially lowering or even eliminating smog-forming and greenhouse gas emissions in heavily trafficked areas, such as the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach,” said Chris Anthony, Flux Power Chief Executive Officer. “Our innovative battery management solutions are ideal for automotive manufacturers looking to migrate towards efficient, clean-technology vehicles for the future. Flux’s battery management solutions are flexible enough to be used in a variety of applications, yet powerful enough to deliver the performance that industrial vehicles need to get the job done.”

PortTechExpo is hosted by PortTechLA, which is a public/private non-profit tech center and business incubator backed by the City of L.A., Port of L.A., and the San Pedro and Wilmington Chambers of Commerce. The entity’s mission, according to the Herald Online, is to develop tech companies that could benefit not only the local ports but also ports worldwide by helping them streamline operations and meet energy and environmental standards.

Flux Power was incorporated in October of 2009 and began shipping prototype products in the second quarter of 2010. They currently have a portfolio comprising various forms of batteries, system accessories, energy storage systems, display systems, stackable chargers, and other related battery management paraphernalia.

The company distributes modular advanced energy storage solutions through several companies such as Dukes Garage, EV America, MC Electric Vehicles, and others.

TransPower is privately held in California and develops and provides clean-energy power generation and conversion technologies. The company’s “ElecTruck” is an integrated electric drive system for big trucks.

TransPower is currently developing a similar system for buses (the “ElecTrans”) and a rapid energy storage system to work in conjunction with its other EV products, called the “Grid-Saver.”

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