Constellation Energy: A Different Kind of Farm

Written By Brianna Panzica

Posted July 20, 2011

On Tuesday, Constellation Energy (NYSE CEG) celebrated a big project in Maryland.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for Constellation’s Criterion Wind Project, the very first wind farm in Maryland, was held on location in Garrett County.

The wind farm extends eight miles across Maryland’s Backbone Mountain, near Oakland.

It consists of 28 wind turbines with a production capacity of 70 megawatts of renewable power, enough to power around 23,000 homes.

These turbines, producing 2.5 MW each, were supplied by wind turbine manufacturer Clipper Windpower.

Clipper Windpower is a Carpinteria, California-based company owned by United Technologies Corp (NYSE: UTX). The company makes 2.5MW Liberty turbines, one of the biggest models made in the United States, according to

These are the turbines that were placed over the 8-mile sweep of Maryland land. Measuring around 415 feet tall each, according to Constellation’s website, the turbines are seen as both a blessing and a burden.

Some residents complain about the view the turbines provide, while others enjoy the scene.

Environmentalists are upset over the potential risk to an endangered species of bats that fly through the area, according to the Baltimore Sun.

But despite the protests, the wind farm is completed.

Constellation bought the Criterion Project in April of 2010, as their website says.  The $140 million project was finished and began operation in December 2010.

The renewable energy sector of Constellation Energy is working to increasing their renewable output, which currently stands at 1,000 MW.

The Baltimore-based company has a 20-year agreement with Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, which services Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. The company will purchase energy and renewable energy credits from the wind farm.

The construction of the farm created a maximum of 150 constructions jobs, many offered to locals.

It aims to increase Maryland’s renewable energy output, and according to the Baltimore Sun, the project has already added $10 million to the local economy.

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