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The CBDC Threat Has Gone International

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted May 25, 2023

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This is the image of a new report co-authored by the New York Federal Reserve and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The report outlines how central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, can be used for cross-border transactions.

While supporters claim they’ll cut down on fraud and make banking far more efficient, they’ll also give the government unprecedented control over your money.

As I recently explained, a CBDC can be tied to a digital ID that allows the government to freeze your assets or limit your spending if it feels that you’re not complying with a certain order or decree issued by a sitting president or Congress. 

Maybe the government doesn’t like how many guns you own or doesn’t approve of a company you invested in, or maybe you didn’t get a mandated vaccine.

I’m not trying to be alarmist, but to deny that this couldn’t happen would be foolish.

Of course, what makes this recent report so concerning is that it not only emboldens the government to use CBDC within the confines of our own borders but expands it outside of our borders as well. 

And what really has me concerned is that the report specified that the research was only focused on studying “technical issues and does not reflect any decision to implement CBDCs.”

So they just put together this research because they were bored?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on here. 

The bottom line is that CBDCs give the government total control over your money and how you spend it. This is the very antithesis of economic freedom, which has long been the bedrock of a free and prosperous society.

So as you can imagine, we here at Energy and Capital have been very concerned about CBDCs and taken the necessary steps to provide you with a sort of CBDC survival guide that will not only help you protect your wealth from the implementation of CBDCs but even help you create some wealth in the process.

You can access all the details here, and I recommend you do so quickly...

Because, quite frankly, what was just recently a domestic attack on your wealth looks like it’s now a fully formed international endeavor.  

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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