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Solar Costs Fall, Stocks Rise

Energy and Capital's Weekend Edition

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 8, 2012

The theme of the week has obviously been the rapidly falling price of solar energy.

Since late June, when I attended an energy finance powwow in Manhattan, I've shared with you several editorials on this topic.

We discussed how solar and natural gas are colleagues, not competitors.

We talked about how electricity from solar already costs less than from fossil fuels in some markets, and how said this event — called grid parity or 'the crossover' — is “the most important financial event of the decade.”

We covered the record global investment in solar installations last year, which hit $91.6 billion in 2011, up from $71.2 billion the year before...

And how that would climb to over $130 billion by 2021 as solar costs continue to fall.

We also uncovered a Saudi plan to switch to low-cost solar electricity domestically so they can sell more high-priced oil abroad.

In the center of all that, there was constant discussion of the major driver of solar cost reduction — and what it will mean for shareholders...

Specifically, how one non-solar solar company has developed technologies that can further cut the cost of solar in half while doubling its power output and increasing its efficiency.

Advances like these are what's allowing the solar cost curve to look like this...Falling Solar CostsWhile the company's stock chart looks like this:

Black Solar Stock Chart

For comparison, that green line is Exxon.

I've said the capability this outfit possesses could easily make it a +1,000% winner.

And over the past couple of months, as five solar companies have signed on to test out its technology, the share price has already started to run...

If you want to learn more about how this company is a major part of “the most important financial event of the decade” — and how you can get in as its share price climbs even higher check out this full report.

Links to all the rest of this week's coverage below.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge
Editor, Energy and Capital

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