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PROHBTD is the Future of Cannabis Branding and Media

How Marijuana Made Me Rich

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted April 25, 2018 at 8:00PM

Paul Darden is one of the smartest investors I know.

He built his fortune in the tech world, building internet marketing platforms for underserved communities in the U.S.

His strategy was simple...

Cater to small and medium-sized businesses in communities where people of color were the majority — and were largely ignored by his competitors.

His two largest markets were Mexican communities in California and Asian markets in Texas.

He started with two employees and a home office in 2005.

By 2011, he had three satellite offices, 45 employees, and a buyout offer from a group of investors, which ultimately earned him more than $12 million.

Of course, what Paul did wasn’t rocket science.

He merely capitalized on a market that no one else got to first.

He wasn’t the first one to do this kind of thing, and he won’t be the last, either.

In fact, members of my Green Chip Stocks community recently had an opportunity to invest in a marijuana company that is also catering to minority communities that have been, for the most part, overlooked.

A Brilliant Idea

I was intrigued when I first discovered a company called PROHBTD back in 2016.

This was a company that wanted to essentially become the primary media gatekeeper for the cannabis industry, and then leverage that power to help cannabis brands build their businesses and connect with customers.

Given the restrictive nature of marketing in the cannabis industry, this was a brilliant idea... assuming management could pull it off.

But that’s exactly what it did.

When PROHBTD first came on the scene, there was no economical way for cannabis brands to tell their stories through premium content and mainstream distribution that could be easily measured and optimized.

Today, there is one. It’s PROHBTD, and every cannabis industry insider knows it.

And what makes this operation truly unique is that it caters to every cannabis market demographic — including minority communities.

At the moment, there really are no brands for Asians, Latinos, etc.

And this represents a huge opportunity for PROHBTD, as it is not only reaching out to those demographics, but building the relationships necessary to expand its efforts in those communities.

In fact, the company is now working with a very influential partner to help build brands and produce content for the Latin American market, which, by the way, is one of the fastest-growing entertainment and media markets on the planet, worth more than $133 billion.


Those who ignore this market do so at their own peril.

And those who address and serve this market will make absolute fortunes.

Going Mainstream

Although there are a number of cannabis media outlets out there, PROHBTD is really the only one taking cannabis media and brands mainstream.

Tapping the Latino market is a brilliant move and will only serve to increase the value of what is quickly becoming the most influential cannabis brand builder in the world.

But it should also be noted that last year, PROHBTD and Advertising Week inked an exclusive global multi-year agreement to help brands, agencies, and media companies get into the cannabis game.

Folks, Advertising Week, which is the premier event for mainstream marketing, brand, and advertising professionals, is working with PROHBTD to bring cannabis content to the mainstream. This is a huge deal. No other cannabis-related media platform could even get into Advertising Week’s offices, much less do a deal.

PROHBTD is also getting featured in mainstream media outlets such as Huffington Post, Variety, CNN, CNet, and the Wall Street Journal. As well, it has distribution and licensing deals with Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Apple TV.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the mainstream media gatekeepers are turning to PROHBTD for exclusive cannabis content. And this puts PROHBTD in a league of its own.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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