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Iran Slows Nuclear Enrichment Programs

+Saudis Panic Over Texas Oil Powerhouse

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted January 20, 2014

The United Nations nuclear agency has reportedly confirmed that Iran has reduced its nuclear enrichment to 20 percent, halted its most sensitive nuclear enrichment program, and begun blending its highly enriched uranium to a grade that is suitable for use in power reactors. The move is part of a deal with The US, UK, Russia, China, France and Germany that decreases sanctions on Iran's oil supply in exchange for a temporary freeze on its nuclear development.

Saudis Panic Over Texas Oil Powerhouse

While decreasing the sanctions on Iran's oil supply will have a short-term effect on the price of gas, American shale oil could have a bigger global impact. Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal thinks U.S. Shale oil exports pose an existential threat to countries whose principal export is oil. Find out where it's coming from and how to get into it as an investor.

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