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Green Consumerism Greendex Survey

India, Brazil, China Lead "Green" Consumers

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted May 21, 2009

You just can't ignore emerging markets if you're an energy investor.

In addition to huge government investment in expanding electricity and automobile access in developing nations, consumers in those countries top global surveys in their desire to cultivate "green" consumption habits.

This year's National Geographic/Globescan Greendex survey of 17,000 adults in 17 countries places India, Brazil, and China atop the list of countries with green-minded consumers.

Of course, the survey was conducted online, which may the results towards the educated and perhaps more consumption-conscious in those countries.

But broader political realities emerge from narrow sample sizes, especially when those voices are heard en masse at the polls.

The United States, by the way, ranked last...

Here is the complete ranking by nationality, from the top down:

• Indians
• Brazilians
• Chinese
• Argentineans
• South Koreans
• Mexicans
• Hungarians
• Russians
• Spanish
• Germans
• Swedes
• Australians
• French
• British
• Japanese
• Canadians
• Americans 

You can view the entire report in PDF format at the National Geographic website, here: 

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