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Energy Industry Consolidation in China

Chinese Power Shares Rocket on News

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted May 18, 2009

China's economic growth has been halved, from 12% down to 6%.

That's the near-term damage the global recession has done.

But the intrinsic momentum in China's power industry continues its long-term trend.

For investors, that means mainland energy stocks can achieve separation from financially-focused market dives.

And that's exactly what happened on Monday, as the China Yangtze Power company stimulated broad buying in Shanghai and Shenzhen shares of local energy companies.

China Yangtze Power will buy 18 generators that are part of the Three Gorges Dam project—the biggest electricity generation project in the world—for a total of $15.7 billion. Local observers say it's part of a wide-ranging consolidation in Chinese energy companies and project participation.

That's good news for big players and investors who have exposure to that key market.

ADR shares of Yanzhou Coal Mining (NYSE:YZC) soared on the day, up to nearly $12 per share.

Six months ago, Yanzhou shares were just above $4 a pop... YZC is up more than 150% in the past half-year!

There is indeed always a bull market somewhere, and more often than not you can find something to be bullish on in China.

-Sam Hopkins

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