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Donald Trump’s Advisors Are Major Clean Energy Investors

These 13 Trump Advisors Are Investing In...

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted March 21, 2017

Donald Trump's budget has renewable energy advocates shaking in their boots.

But they have no reason to worry.

While there are plenty of rabid leftists taking to Twitter to vent their frustration with a president who knows as much about energy as he does about feminist poetry, savvy energy investors continue to pony up to get access to new solar, wind, and energy storage projects.

You see, in an effort to placate most of the folks who put him in office, Trump's been very vocal about cutting all those special benefits for clean energy while continuing to question the consensus data on climate change.

But it’s mostly just lip service.

Trump’s Advisors are Bullish Clean Energy

While the liberal media gets all hot and bothered over the fact that Big Oil has a seat at the table again, and while conservative media gets all excitable over the fact that those dirty clean energy socialists (their words, not mine) are getting sent back to the kid’s table, the truth is, the mainstream media is completely clueless.

You see, talking smack about clean energy and climate change is how Trump placates the majority of his voter base. But while the president continues to bad-mouth modern energy technologies and those who wish to not treat the planet like a community toilet, Trump’s advisors continue to plow billions into clean energy.

In fact, according to the good folks over at Greentech Media, nearly every company represented on Trump’s business advisory council is investing heavily in renewable energy.

As reported by energy analyst Stephen Lacey...

The investments are wide-ranging. They include tax equity funds for solar and wind, direct renewable energy procurement to power facilities, deep energy efficiency to lower energy costs, and cleantech R&D to stay ahead of the competition.

13 Trump Advisors Who are Investing in Clean Energy

Lacey provided a very detailed report on these advisors, but we’re just looking to make a ton of cash in the energy space. So let’s just jump right to the meat and potatoes.

Here are 13 companies represented on Trump’s business advisory council that have a lot of skin in the clean energy game.

  • Blackstone — Operates a program that helps its portfolio companies invest in solar in an effort to help them cut operational costs.
  • BlackRock — Manages $5 trillion in assets and operates a $970 million new energy fund that focuses on renewable energy technology and developers.
  • Boeing — Gets 13% of its electricity from renewable energy, works on high-efficiency solar cells at its Spectrolab, and has invested in reversible fuel-cell technology.
  • Boston Consulting Group — Has developed a very successful consulting practice that focuses on clean energy and sustainability.
  • Cleveland Clinic — Currently has a plan to cut energy use by 20% in the next three years and has invested in its own solar energy system.
  • General Electric — Does more than $25 billion in annual revenue in clean energy technology.
  • General Motors — Saves $5 million a year by using renewable energy and is now looking to source 100% of its energy from renewables.
  • Global Infrastructure Partners — Has invested in a number of wind and solar energy projects across the globe.
  • IBM — Operates some very sophisticated analytics platforms that integrate more clean energy on the grid. The company is also looking to have renewable energy supply 20% of its yearly energy needs by 2020.
  • JP Morgan Chase — Is one of the biggest tax equity investors in solar. The company has also committed or arranged $12 billion in capital for renewable energy projects.
  • Tesla — Is the biggest and most disruptive electric car manufacturer on the planet.
  • Wal-Mart — Was one of the first to invest in First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR) and currently gets 25% of its electricity from renewable energy. It intends to increase that to 50% by 2025.
  • Walt Disney Company — Invests in a number of renewable energy projects, including a 5-megawatt solar farm in Orlando.

These are major players, folks. And they all have a lot to gain by making sure the renewable energy industry continues to thrive in the U.S.

The continued rapid development of clean energy technologies is integral to the success of these companies and therefore will not be thwarted by President Trump — no matter how many Twitter posts you may read.

That’s not to say Big Oil won’t continue to benefit, either. But the idea that the renewable energy industry is going to go gently into that good night now that Trump is in the White House is absurd.

At this point, there’s just too much money to be made in renewable energy. And you can be sure we’ll continue to get a piece of this action, too.

Invest accordingly.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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