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American Energy Investing

OPEC Is Done!

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted July 16, 2012

Every now and then, I'll read a story that makes me realize just how good we have it.

Last week, after a fuel tanker veered off a Nigerian road and exploded, 95 people died as they rushed towards the inferno to scoop up the remaining viable fuel.

Human rights groups jumped on the story, using it to illustrate how little of Nigeria's oil wealth has trickled down to the poor.

Moreover, critics point out that Nigeria's oil infrastructure is so outdated, the equivalent of an Exxon-Valdez is spilled every year in that country.

Stories like these serve as a great reminder as to one of the many reasons our domestic oil bounty is so important.

Whether you've had enough of the greatest wealth transfer in U.S. history to oil-producing nations that use those oil dollars to wage war against us, or you'd just prefer to support those oil producers that don't exploit the fragile Niger Delta and treat it like their own personal toilet, there's no doubt kicking OPEC to the curb has never been more urgent.

And rest assured the plan to do just that is unfolding...

Thanks to increased domestic oil production, the coming boom in natural gas-powered vehicles (which will be fueled solely by domestic natural gas), and alternative transportation fuels, we are moving closer and closer — day by day — to giving OPEC the proverbial middle finger.

And I love it!

Not just because I'm sick and tired of this country being held hostage by those who seek to do us harm, but also because this boom in American energy is making us more money than we've ever imagined.

Dear World, You're Welcome!

There's no doubt about it: The United States is once again a global energy powerhouse — boasting not only enormous supplies of oil and gas, but technological innovation that's shaping the global energy landscape.

Solar is the perfect example...

Today China is the leading manufacturer of solar panels and cells.

But that stuff wasn't invented in Beijing. Nope — that's 100% American ingenuity that now supports the multi-billion-dollar global solar industry.

And while we did hand over solar manufacturing to other countries, the rate of technological development continues to be dictated in the U.S.

Take this latest technology my colleague Nick Hodge has been telling you about: a ground-breaking development in a new solar material that can actually cut the cost of solar in half while doubling its power output.

Over the past few months, five separate solar companies have signed on to test this new technology.

And the company that makes it?

Well, this is easily a triple-bagger in the making...

Check out this recent chart:


And this is only the beginning. Some analysts are actually putting this $1.50 stock at $21 by next year.

Texas Saves Nuclear Power Industry

Solar isn't the only tech game in town.

In fact, thanks to a tiny materials company operating in Massachusetts, the U.S. is about to introduce a new nuclear player that we just discovered is now on the inside of the American Nuclear Society.

What is the American Nuclear Society?

It's essentially a group of engineers and scientists that promote nuclear science and technology.

Basically, any type of nuclear power operation today can trace its existence to the work done by members of this group. And this isn't some random industry club designed to cater to a bunch of PR goons and yes-men...

These are the brains, the guys that actually have the chops to advance any technological breakthroughs in the nuclear power space. This is where industry players — including top-dog CEOs — go to get schooled.

It's also where a group of insiders just gave an official nod to this materials company after reviewing its research on a new nuclear fuel that enables nuclear power plants to operate without the threat of meltdowns.

That's right — nuclear power without the threat of meltdowns!

That my friends, is a major game-changer.

And it's a game-changer that was developed right here in the U.S. Texas and Indiana, to be exact.

Of course, the best part about all this is the massive profits we're going to be swimming in with this one.

The company behind this innovation is probably one of the juiciest bargains I've seen in my 18 years in this business.

Trading at less than $0.15, this company that's about to revolutionize the entire nuclear industry is a screaming buy.

This is the kind of stock that turns average investors into major players virtually overnight.

It's the crown jewel of my personal portfolio. It should be yours, too.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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