Apache (NYSE: APA) Sells Alberta Assets & Ford Invests in Natural Gas

Written By Jason Stutman

Posted August 16, 2013

Apache (NYSE: APA) Sells Alberta Assets

Private Canadian company Ember Resources Inc. will purchase oil and gas assets in the Nevis, North Grant Lands and South Grant Lands of Alberta, Canada from Apache Corporation. Included in the purchase are 530 thousand net acres, and 2.7 thousand wells. The average production of these wells has been about 67 million cubic feet of gas, and 237 barrels of liquid hydrocarbons per day. Total cost of the purchase is set at $214 million.

This sale remains in line with Apache’s previous announcement to divest $4 billion in assets by 2014. These divestments will reduce debt and allow Apache to repurchase shares under a 30 million repurchase program that was given the green light by the company’s Board of Directors earlier this year.

Natural Gas-Powered F-150

Gasoline is close to $4.00 a gallon, and we all know how fast that can add up. Fortunately, the ongoing surplus of natural gas can provide us with a clean and cheap energy source. Of course, there are infrastructural problems with adopting natural gas engines, but at a $2 per gallon equivalent, the economics just make sense. As the demand for natural gas engines rises, companies providing these systems will reap the benefits. To learn more about investment opportunities in natural gas engines, click here. 

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