American Nuclear Energy Starts With This Maryland Based Company

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted June 5, 2024

This past Friday, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm called for a recommitment to American nuclear energy on the heels of 2 nuclear reactor installations recently completed in Georgia — the first such facilities to be finished in the U.S. in 20 years. 

The two reactors, referred to as units 3 and 4 of the Vogtle plant in Waynesboro, cost a total of $35B to construct and will power half a million homes each, but according to Granholm, it’s nowhere near enough.

American Nuclear EAC

98 more will be required to meet American energy needs while continuing to honor the global campaign to decrease carbon output

As of 2023, Nuclear power provides 19% of the electricity consumed in the US — second only to coal, which accounts for over 40% of American power generation capacity. 

American Nuclear Energy Hasn’t Been American Since the 1950s

If Granholm’s lofty plans for American nuclear energy are realized, more than half of our collective energy needs will be supplied by a zero-carbon power source for the first time ever. 

It’s a logical goal to pursue despite Nuclear’s less than perfect safety record over the last 50 years, but there is one major hurdle which stands in the way — fuel. 

While we haven’t added to our nuclear power production capacity in a generation, our efforts in fuel production are lagging behind even more.

Uranium mining for the energy sector peaked in the early 80s and currently supplies the nuclear power sector with less than 5% of its required fuel.

Uranium Production

Even refining is deficient, with 1954 being the last year the U.S. processed its own U-235 for the purposes of energy production. 

Whether you credit laziness or an overabundance of success in the post WW2 era, our nation has descended into complete dependency in this crucial arena. 

The Price Of Success: When Outsourcing Comes Back To Bite You

And that’s not even the worst part. 

One of our biggest suppliers, for years, was the Russian Federation — a relationship which was abruptly ended earlier this year by the Biden administration as part of the sanctions package against the Putin regime. 

So where does this leave us?

Unfortunately, the issue of raw material dependency has become somewhat of a pattern for 21st century America. 

We don’t produce enough lithium. We don’t produce enough rare earth metals. We don’t produce enough advanced alloys.

Thankfully, at least for this problem there is a remedy in the works. 

Right now, an American company based in Bethesda Maryland, is kicking off the first new uranium refinement operation since 1954. 

American Nuclear Energy Starts With This Maryland Based Company

For investors, this opens up an immediate and profound window of opportunity. 

The company in question is focused and nearly unknown to the retail investment community. 

It trades for a pittance at under $800M market capitalization, but more importantly, it belongs to one of the most overlooked and underbought sectors in existence. 

Though nuclear power is only growing at a 3% annual rate across the world, the complex supply chain has been completely disrupted by Putin’s war in Ukraine

Putting it more directly, while the average main street investor wasn’t looking, this modestly growing, typically quiet industry just received its biggest catalyst in decades 

And that’s without even considering the growing demand for carbon-free power

Waiting For The Headlines? So Is The Rest Of The Retail Investment World

Few people are talking about this company right now, but if the headlines continue following the nuclear story as they have been for the last few weeks, that will change very quickly. 

My readers first learned of this once in a generation opportunity weeks ago, before the press realized that nuclear power may, in fact, be the biggest green energy story in years. 

For the risk averse, this checks all the boxes, and you can see it in the ownership structure, with insiders and institutional investors owning close to half the company. 

That said, the unique upside potential of this stock will also attract the attention of speculators.

Want to learn more? Check out the presentation I sent to my regular subscribers. 

You’ll learn about the science, the industry and the company that’s bringing it all together — and bringing domestic nuclear power stateside for the first time in 7 decades. 

Fortune favors the bold,

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