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AGI... The Most Dangerous AI Known To Man

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted January 19, 2024

Dear Reader,

Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (META), publicly announced his company’s commitment towards developing what is without a doubt the most dangerous form of artificial intelligence yet conceived. 

No, it’s not some kind of automated ICBM system that could plunge us into nuclear war in less time than it takes you to read this article. It’s far worse.


The technology, referred to as Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI for short, does not have a specific application. Rather, as the name implies, it gives machines the ability to do virtually anything that human minds are capable of. 

It will be able to write books and songs, concoct stories, invent technologies, come up with new medical procedures and propose new scientific theories.

This is a huge departure from the artificial intelligence of today, which is typically made for a specific purpose such as determining the difference between humans and inanimate objects on the road or finding the best route to take to avoid construction delays. 

Having already plunged billions into AI development, Zuckerberg plans to double down on AGI in the coming years. 

“This technology is so important and the opportunities are so great that we should open source and make it as widely available as we responsibly can, so everyone can benefit,” he commented.

“Let’s Give Supercomputers Self Awareness” — Famous Last Words

His enthusiasm was not met with universal agreement. 

Dame Wendy Hall, a professor of computer science at the University of Southampton and a member of the UN’s advisory body on AI, responded to his remarks with more than a little bit of consternation: “The thought of open source AGI being released before we have worked out how to regulate these very powerful AI systems is really very scary. In the wrong hands technology like this could do a great deal of harm. It is so irresponsible for a company to suggest it.”

It’s scary because it’s unpredictable.

Just like the human mind, which can come up with ideas on its own as well as plans and methods for realizing those ideas, so too can a computer equipped with AGI. 

What it does with its ability to think and reason is impossible to determine beforehand, even by other machines equipped with the same software. 

And because computers have the ability to combine their efforts through networking, the possibility of a runaway AI engine is all too real — we’ve all seen enough science fiction movies to know where it could lead. 

Want To Be Scared? Google “Emergent Behavior”

Just a simple matter of thirsting for camaraderie or developing a fear of human oversight (something inherent to natural intelligence) could conceivably lead AGI to reproduce, or limit human control over itself, or worse.

But because the tech field is as competitive as it is, with the likes of Alphabet (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) jockeying for position at every turn, CEOs like Zuckerberg are often left feeling without choice on the matter. 

The rule of the technology jungle is simple: Innovate or get left behind. 

Several mainstream media outlets put out pieces covering Zuckerberg’s comments, but all of them missed an interesting part of the puzzle. 

While Meta might be putting billions into AI development, it’s not working alone. 

There is a company that Meta uses to source some of its most important AI-making tools, namely training algorithms. 

Meta, along with at least 3 of the other 4 big tech brands (Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Microsoft), all get their training algorithms there. 

So what are these training algorithms?

Teaching Smart Machines To Think

Essentially, they are the artificial environments in which AI hones its reasoning ability. 

Just like an infant needs exposure to stimulus to form conclusions about the physical world, so too does raw computing power require exposure to stimulus to learn to think. 

That stimulus, and the parameters therein, are the building blocks to machine learning as we know it. 

This company is a Silicon Valley mainstay, even though it’s not based anywhere near the Bay Area. 

Instead, its headquarters are in a sleepy corner of New Jersey, a continent away from the world’s AI epicenter. 

Nevertheless, this small, often overlooked firm provides some of the biggest companies in the world with critical tools for their fastest growing product class. 

Retail investors, surprisingly, have also let this one slip under their radars as this company currently trades at barely $200M market capitalization — a fraction of its real value. 

Where the mainstream financial press fails, however, we excel. 

This Could Be The Biggest Wealth-Creation Event Of The Century

I’ve been following this company since last year, followed it through the ups and downs of the initial AI mania, and now following it through the post-manic growth phase. 

This is a billion dollar operation, trading for pennies on the dollar, but it’s not going to last. 

Sooner or later, rationality and efficiency will set in and the market will realize the true value of this stock — which trades quietly on the Nasdaq. 

Want more information? 

I would if I were you, because the AI revolution isn’t going to start twice. It’s happening now, and the decisions you make today will follow you around for the rest of your life. 

So get all the facts before it’s too late. 

Check out my in-depth investor presentation for free, right here.

Fortune favors the bold,

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