30-Minute Electric Vehicle Charge

Written By Brianna Panzica

Posted July 19, 2012

Plenty of people like the idea of electric vehicles. They’re cheaper than paying close to $4 per gallon for gas, and they’re much kinder to the environment. But they’re not convenient for long distances, or even too much daily driving around, because of the hours it takes to recharge them.

But ECOtality (NASDAQ: ECTY) recognizes this shortcoming, and it won’t stand for it. The San Francisco company and California’s Bishop Ranch today announced a partnership to install the Blink(R) DC Fast Charging station.

The charging station works with CHAdeMo charging connectors, which is the most common adapter in electric vehicles.

It comes with easy mobile payment options and plenty of safety features to ensure proper charging, rain or shine.

And it can fully charge a vehicle in up to 30 minutes.

This sort of rapid charging is innovation like never before. With this technology, you could charge your vehicle in about the amount of time it takes to shop for the week’s groceries.

Bishop Ranch is a business community with 30 buildings and over 30,000 commuters that has focused on transportation efficiency for its employees and clean energy for its offices. All of the buildings will soon have an LEED certification.

In addition to the Blink DC Fast Charger, two Blink Level 2 chargers will also be installed at Bishop Ranch for vehicles that are not compatible with the Fast Charger.

From MarketWatch:

“Workplace charging is quickly becoming one of the most important location for EV drivers to charge while away from home,” stated Greg Fioriti, Chief Revenue Officer of ECOtality. “Bishop Ranch is a perfect host site in terms of location, and it is great to see large office campuses joining the EV Project and enabling greater driving freedom for EV drivers in the Bay Area.”

These new charging stations will be available for public use. They’re part of the EV Project, a deployment of ECOtality electric vehicle charging stations across America.

It started in 2009 with two grants from the U.S. Department of Energy. Now total investments have reached $230 million.

The Bishop Ranch location will be the first to host a Blink DC Fast Charger.

That’s great, you might say, but I don’t live or work near Bishop Ranch.

Well, that may be true, but the EV Project has already made installations in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Washington, DC. Not to mention other locations in California.

And though these weren’t Fast Chargers, they still offer public, on-the-road EV charging.

And the Bishop Ranch location is only the first to receive a Fast Charger. ECOtality has designed this to be widespread—there are plenty more to come.

The DC Fast charger, says Blink, is designed for any public location—gas stations, highway locations, even commercial areas (maybe your local mall?)—and the company works with interested communities or businesses to efficiently install it.

The electric vehicle infrastructure movement is widespread. Just this one company has already made installations in six states and the capital.

Who’s to say it won’t be a revolution?

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