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Everything You Need to Know About DAPL

Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl finally weighs in on the controversial DAPL project and shows readers why social media won't stop its completion.

By Keith Kohl on December 2, 2016

Are Liberals Moving to Gold?

Energy and Capital editor Luke Burgess explains that gold may get big boost from an unexpected market: liberal Democrats.

By Luke Burgess on December 1, 2016

U.S. Rejoins the Global Gas Market

Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl talks about how the U.S. is tapping global natural gas demand. The country has once again become a net exporter of natural gas.

By Keith Kohl on November 30, 2016

Only Buy Stocks at "Black Friday" Prices

Energy and Capital editor Charles Mizrahi explains how investors should be going after "Black Friday" deals every day.

By Charles Mizrahi on November 29, 2016

Putin's Gold Gimmick

In October, Russian gold buying spiked as it added 1.4 million ounces of gold to its reserves, or around 48 tonnes of gold. Here's what that means for us...

By Christian DeHaemer on November 28, 2016

Buffett, Trump, and the Future of Energy

Trump made a lot of promises during his campaign, but can he deliver? Energy and Capital editor Megan Dailey explains why one promise in particular won't make it past the drawing board.

By Megan Dailey on November 27, 2016

Analysis and Opinion

Curing Arthritis With Stem Cells

Written By Christian DeHaemer
Posted September 2, 2016

Reversing Stroke Brain Damage with Stem Cells

Written By Christian DeHaemer
Posted August 26, 2016

Oil to hit $57 in 2017

Written By Christian DeHaemer
Posted August 4, 2016

Resources and Reports

Lithium-Ion Battery Stocks

Lithium batteries are the main contender for storing all kinds of renewable energy. But even conventional energy sources are moving towards the lithium light.

Water Stocks: The Ultimate Commodity

Water: the one element that is universally necessary for human survival. Here's how to profit from its timeless value currently valued at $500B per year.

Investing in Fracking Stocks

How to get started investing in fracking stocks and fracking companies...

Thorium Investing

Thorium reactors will one day replace conventional nuclear reactors. Here's all you need to know about the nuclear energy source of the future...

Investing in CNG

CNG can fuel North American vehicles with cheaper, cleaner, and more abundant fuel...
Elon Musk's Lithium Revolution is Upon Us

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