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Congress Should Stop Attacks on Mylan

Energy and Capital editor Luke Burgess calls the recent congressional attacks against a pharmaceutical company a "jaw-droppingly hypocritical slap in the face to free market capitalism."

By Luke Burgess on September 29, 2016

OPEC's Implosion in Algeria

OPEC is bleeding out, and this time it may be terminal. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows readers why OPEC is imploding in Algeria.

By Keith Kohl on September 28, 2016

The Hardest Trade You'll Make Today

Energy and Capital editor Charles Mizrahi teaches readers about the hardest trade they'll make in today's market, and what they can do to take advantage of the panic on Wall Street.

By Charles Mizrahi on September 27, 2016

14 Random Reasons to Buy Oil Now

DeHaemer gives you 14 random reasons why you want to buy small-cap oil companies now. Possible gains can reach as much as 1,200%.

By Christian DeHaemer on September 26, 2016

Driverless Cars Win Federal Approval

Another hurdle cleared, but certainly not the last. What will the car market look like in the era of autonomous vehicles?

By Megan Dailey on September 25, 2016

The Lithium Market: What You May Have Missed

Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl tells readers what they may have missed inside the lithium market. Hint- Tesla is at the forefront of investors' minds again.

By Keith Kohl on September 23, 2016

Analysis and Opinion

Curing Arthritis With Stem Cells

Written By Christian DeHaemer
Posted September 2, 2016

Reversing Stroke Brain Damage with Stem Cells

Written By Christian DeHaemer
Posted August 26, 2016

Oil to hit $57 in 2017

Written By Christian DeHaemer
Posted August 4, 2016

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