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Investing in Natural Gas Before 2015
The Bullish Outlook for Natural Gas - 2014-07-22
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl offers a bullish case for natural gas in 2014 and shows readers how three natural gas investments have performed throughout the U.S. shale gas boom.

Practical Robot Investing
A Pent-Up Demand for All Things Robotic - 2014-07-21
Crowdfunded robot JIBO met its funding goal in just one day. But it also requires crowdsourced development. Are robots like JIBO worth the investment?

Iran Sanctions Extension
+Cheap Oil is Gone Forever - 2014-07-21
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl comments on the prolonged nuclear negotiations between Iran, the U.S., and other world powers.

Secrets from the U.S. Shale Patch
What's Behind Ellis White's Billion-Dollar Oil Fortune? - 2014-07-18
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reveals one of the most prolific oil pioneers of our generation and how investors can get a piece of his latest shale venture.

U.S. Oil Trumps Gaza Violence, Ukraine Malaysia Jet Crash
+ Peak Oil's Revenge - 2014-07-18
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl examines the effects of the crises in Gaza and Ukraine on oil prices and U.S. oil exports.

Would Warren Buffet Buy or Sell This Market?
Fear This - 2014-07-17
It is increasingly difficult to find something of value to buy in this market. Here's how to handle what's coming up...

Ellis White Flusters Goodrich Petroleum (NYSE: GDP)
+21st Century Oil Barons - 2014-07-17
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl discusses Ellis White's competition in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale.

Investing in Coffee Futures
Black Gold Jumps 50%! - 2014-07-16
There's more than one black gold in the market. Stake your claim to both!

21st Century Oil Barons
Mapping Out Your Oil Profits in 2014 - 2014-07-15
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl tells readers about a new class of oil barons that are forging their empires in emerging tight oil plays across the United States.

In Defense of MonkeyParking
Why the Government Hates What it Can't Regulate and Tax - 2014-07-15
Will the government put the kibosh on the sharing economy?

China's Version of 'Clean Coal'
SinoCoking Shifts Gears as Clean Synthetic Technologies - 2014-07-15
Declining coal prices and China's polluted air are forcing a major coal company to change its course.

NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG) Saves Coal
+Alternative Energy Investments - 2014-07-15
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reports on the latest technology to enhance oil recovery in South Texas.

Stem Cell Update: Scientists Growing Human Eyeballs
Can Companies Like Organovo (NYSE: ONVO) Turn a Profit? - 2014-07-14
There's no denying that the eye is an incredibly complex organ. But recent advancements in science have given us the ability to grow parts of it on demand.

Whiting Petroleum (NYSE: WLL) Bakken Buyout
+Spoils of an Oil War - 2014-07-14
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl questions whether Whiting Petroleum's latest buyout will spark a land grab elsewhere.

Nikiski Saves Alaska... and the U.S.?
The Secret at Nikiski - 2014-07-11
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows you a soon-to-be LNG hotspot that Wall Street hasn't caught wind of yet.

Hamas Stalls Israel's Leviathon?
+Peak Oil's Revenge - 2014-07-11
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reports on why Israel's Leviathan natural gas field may be in danger.

The Electricity Shock of 2015
Biggest Energy Crisis Since 1972 - 2014-07-10
According to Australia's The Age, "An energy crisis is rapidly unfolding in the Australian electricity and gas sectors that will rival the oil shock of the 1970s."

Investing in Iran
Why I'm Bullish on Iran - 2014-07-09
Free market solutions can create peace and profits in Iran. They can detract from the call to war, help thwart violence, and even lift many out of poverty, lessening the threat of terror.

OPEC's Oil Disaster
Signs of a Saudi Panic - 2014-07-08
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl takes a closer look at why Saudi oil princes are breaking out in a nervous sweat over the U.S. becoming the world's largest oil producer.

Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) Surges on U.S. Oil Revival
+Spoils of an Oil War - 2014-07-07
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl tells readers what it will take for the U.S. to reach its next milestone in oil production.

Playing Hyped Up Tech IPOs
684% Gains? - 2014-07-07
When Twitter's IPO was announced, shares of an unrelated bankrupt company with a similar ticker symbol shot up. Is this a good way to play tech IPO hype?

The Nuclear Renaissance
Massive Discovery in Idaho... and it's NOT Oil - 2014-07-04
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why a renaissance is taking place in the nuclear industry and how investors can get in on the ground floor of this burgeoning industry.

$4 Gas Hits as Hurricane Arthur Gains Steam
+Cheap Oil is Gone Forever - 2014-07-03
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reports on the recent gas price spike, which comes just as Hurricane Arthur hits North Carolina.

Admiral Rickover Missed the Boat on Thorium and Doomed Us All
Thorium: A Contrarian Investment - 2014-07-03
Thorium is an element that was first discovered in 1828 by a Norwegian priest. And it could solve the energy needs of America and the world for all time.

Investing in the Solar Bull Market
These 3 Solar Stocks Fight for $5.1 Trillion Payday - 2014-07-02
If you're looking for a massive payday in the energy space, look no further than solar stocks.