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Meet the Petroplex
Why Memorial Day Weekend Gas Prices Hit a 6-Year Low - 2015-05-22
Energy and Capital editor talks about the Petroplex, widely considered the most prolific oil-producing region in the history of the United States' oil industry, and shows readers why they can thank the Petroplex for low gasoline prices.

Higher Oil Prices Prop Up U.S. Shale
Now is the Time to Buy - 2015-05-22
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl discusses what's going to happen to oil prices and how investors should prepare.

Three Contrarian Stocks - 2015-05-21
Christian DeHaemer says sell the S&P 500 and buy these three contrarian stocks.

Warren Buffett: Closet Tree-Hugging Billionaire
Warren Buffett Has $15 Billion in THIS Energy Play - 2015-05-20
Want to get rich in the energy game? Consider investing in energy the way Warren Buffett invests in energy.

The Inconvenient Reality Behind Your Energy
Down with Oil... wait, what?!? - 2015-05-19
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows readers why most Americans are disconnected from the reality of our energy consumption.

Murkowski, Heitkamp Push Oil Export Bill
Investors Take Note - 2015-05-18
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli details the pros and cons of the latest oil export bill to hit U.S. Congress.

Amtrak Crash Brings More Bad Press to U.S. Rails
It's time to prevent these preventable disasters - 2015-05-15
Energy and Capital Editor Keith Kohl discusses the disastrous Amtrak crash on Tuesday and how it affects crude by rail.

Putin's Fear Arbitrage
"We Will Bury You" - 2015-05-14
Christian DeHaemer talks about why you should invest in Russia right now.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Powerwall Investing
How to Make $800 Million in One Week! - 2015-05-13
Despite some temporary shortcomings, Tesla's Powerwall will make affordable off-grid living a reality.

Obama's Nuclear Ambitions
Tomorrow's Carbon-Free Energy Today - 2015-05-12
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl delves into one of the hottest up-and-coming energy investments and shows readers how they can position themselves before the market catches on.

Coal is Dead; Invest in This Instead
A huge energy transition is coming - 2015-05-11
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli offers an analysis on coal and why it's a bad investment.

Oil Train Derails in North Dakota
Another week, another train derailment - 2015-05-08
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl discusses the latest oil train derailment and why the solution lies the growth of a private industry... not regulation.

Three More Years of Bull Market
Yellen Speaks; Markets Crash - 2015-05-07
Energy and Capital editor Chris DeHaemer says the last time this happened, the market doubled. Thanks, Yellen.

Investing in the Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Powerwall
Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) Just Killed Your Power Company - 2015-05-06
The age of energy independence has arrived. Thank Elon Musk and Tesla for this.

OPEC Self-Destructs in 3... 2... 1...
The Saudis are Under Attack - 2015-05-05
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows readers why internal bickering inside OPEC is creating a perfect buying opportunity in sorely undervalued U.S. oil companies.

Oil Tank Car Rules to Kill Crude-by-Rail?
New regulations are like a band-aid on a broken leg - 2015-05-04
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli discusses the new regulations on oil train tankers.

The North American Super Shale
This is the oil field no one is talking about... yet - 2015-05-01
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl gives details on the oil formation that has Saudi Arabia ready to raise oil prices.

Buy Fear, Sell Greed - 2015-04-30
Christian DeHaemer goes on a land war in Asia and explains why Sir John Templeton would be buying Russia right now.

Investing in Legal Marijuana
Time to Buy! - 2015-04-29
The time to invest in legalized marijuana is now. Don't sleep on this one!

OPEC Civil War Erupts in Yemen
Meet the Super Shale - 2015-04-28
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why an OPEC civil war erupting in Yemen will offer U.S. investors a major buying opportunity in the energy sector.

Invest in a Natural Gas Future
The transition from coal to gas is going to be big - 2015-04-27
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli discusses potential investments in natural gas infrastructure.

A Short Window to Buy Oil Stocks
New data provides a breath of fresh air for energy investors - 2015-04-24
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl discusses the potential for oil prices this year.

Buy India Infrastructure - 2015-04-23
Christian DeHaemer tells you which ETF is most undervalued in dollar terms and is seeing the fastest growth. Buy this Indian infrastructure play today.

Billionaire Doctor Behind Disruptive Miner/Biotech Merger
When Miners Take on Tech - 2015-04-22
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl offers a new twist for a small group of mining investors taking a leap into the tech sector.

Solving Our Natural Gas Flaring Crisis
Waste Not, Want Not - 2015-04-21
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl drops the most profitable F-bomb in history.

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