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Solar Stocks for 2015
5 Solar Stocks to Own for 2015 - 2014-10-22
As 2016 rapidly approaches, marking the expiration of the solar Investment Tax Credit, 2015 could be the biggest year yet for solar investors.

Fracking Vs. Conventional Oil Drilling: An Investor's Guide
+ Crude Oil Outlook 2015 - 2014-10-22
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli clears up some of the misconceptions on fracking versus conventional drilling.

Three Massive Trends for Q4
261% Gains - 2014-10-21
Despite what you may have heard on CNBC or from the rest of the Wall Street shills, falling prices are good. Here's how to play them...

Investing in Azerbaijan Pipelines
New Natural Gas Breakthrough - 2014-10-20
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli comments on new developments in the Eastern European natural gas market.

Investing in Energy Volatility
How to Stay Ahead of the Oil Panic - 2014-10-17
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains how the drop in oil prices could be beneficial for natural gas investors in the short and long term.

Famine in Omaha
Profit from the Fall - 2014-10-16
After a couple of record years in 2011 and 2012, the price of corn has fallen off the table. The smart farmers are the ones who can grow and prosper in good times and bad.

Natural Gas Prices Vs. Propane Prices
+ An Oil Bear Market - 2014-10-16
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli delves into the differences between natural gas and propane prices, and describes how these commodities are the future of our grid.

The Secret of Rich Man's Row
Don't Let the Fed Dictate the Quality of Your Life - 2014-10-15
There's a law that makes it illegal for you to participate in pre-IPO investing in the biggest gaining companies in history. Find out how this law works and how you can dodge its effects by taking one simple step.

Trade Oil, Buy Electric Cars
Will $80 Oil Kill the Electric Car? - 2014-10-15
In the absence of high oil prices, can electric cars survive? Here's what's been holding them up so far...

Crude Oil Outlook 2015
Drill or Be Drilled - 2014-10-14
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl takes a look at what investors can expect from the oil industry in 2015.

XL Gold Cycle
$16,000 Gold and Riches Beyond Belief - 2014-10-13
Despite what you may have read on the Internet or seen on television, there are several reasons to be super bullish on gold...

ETFs a Safe Haven from Spoofing
How to Protect Your Money from High-Frequency Traders - 2014-10-13
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli discusses the new spoofing scam as regulators try to crack down and offers an ETF as a way to protect your wealth.

Low Oil Prices are a Buy Signal
How to Max Your Gains When the Bears are in Control - 2014-10-10
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl offers bullish news amid rampant fear about low oil prices and slow global growth.

Investing in Ruby Tuesday (NYSE:RT)
The Food Sucks, But These Gains Don't! - 2014-10-09
Ruby Tuesday (NYSE: RT) shareholders take a 20% ride on earnings.

An Oil Bear Market
Buy This Trend - 2014-10-09
We have solid evidence that there is a lot of growth in oil production coupling with a slowdown of the global economy. This leads to falling oil prices.

Oil Companies Investing in Methane Leaks
Climate Change = Profits - 2014-10-08
Oil companies now stand to make millions by mitigating methane leaks. Energy investors should start investing now.

Investing in SodaStream (NASDAQ:SODA)
SodaStream (NASDAQ:SODA) and the Quest for Lost Gains - 2014-10-07
I don't understand SodaStream, but I do understand profits. Here's how I lost out on those profits with SodaStream (NASDAQ:SODA)

Alaska's Oil Exports
Why the Last Frontier is Looking East to the Future - 2014-10-07
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why Big Oil may be worth a second look by investors as they look to take advantage of an exemption in the United States' ban on crude oil.

How to Take Advantage of Low Oil Prices
Hedge Your Bets Against Crude Oil's Drop - 2014-10-06
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli explains the recent decline in oil prices and offers two ways for investors to take advantage.

Thorium Saves Europe?
A New Way to Solve Europe's Gas Crisis - 2014-10-03
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows a potential short-term solution to Europe's gas dispute with Russia that could be a boon to investors.

Investing Trends for 2015
The Zero Generation - 2014-10-02
Christian DeHaemer talks about hot investing trends for 2015 and how the millennial generation is affecting these trends.

One Word for Michael Phelps: Uber!
Uber Helps Reduce DUIs - 2014-10-02
3 reasons why Uber is better than conventional taxis at keeping drunks off the road.

Investing in Water Desalination Stocks
A Boring Way to Make a Crap Ton of Money! - 2014-10-01
It may not be very exciting, but the future of desalination is a profitable one.

OPEC Fizzles
Caught Between a Rock and a Shale Boom - 2014-09-30
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why the U.S. shale revolution is turning into a full-blown crisis for OPEC.

Uranium Bottom Good for Investors
+ The Next Nuclear Revolution - 2014-09-29
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli discusses the coming uranium based nuclear power boom, and offers investors a way to play the trend.