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Oil Stock Tips from Davos
Play it Safe - 2015-01-23
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains how investors can protect themselves from volatility while oil is low.

Four Words Every Trader Needs to Know
Make 100% on a 5% Move - 2015-01-22
Christian DeHaemer tells you the four basic words you need to know to trade options.

5 Solar Stocks to Own in 2015
Time to Buy! - 2015-01-21
There are at least two years left in this massive energy boom. Here's where you should be focusing your investments...

Honda Natural Gas Civic Struggles to Remain Relevant
Time for Honda to get out of the Compliance Car Slow Lane - 2015-01-20
Natural gas-powered cars are going nowhere fast.

New Ways to Invest in a Gas Glut
It's Not Time to Panic, It's Time to Buy - 2015-01-20
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl takes a closer look at a new way to invest in natural gas during a supply glut.

Job Cuts, Rig Counts, Low Oil Prices, and How to Invest
Wading Through the Bad Stuff - 2015-01-19
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli attempts to find some good news for investors in today's energy market.

How to Invest in New Natural Gas Regulations
Buy This Unique Gas-Harvesting Technology - 2015-01-16
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl offers commentary on the new regulations proposed by the Obama administration and offers a way to make money from them.

Jim Chanos Thinks Exxon (NYSE:XOM) is in Trouble
+Nothing Burns Like the Cold - 2015-01-16
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli details Jim Chanos' latest bet against big oil, and explains why the short seller guru may be wrong.

DeHaemer's 55 Rules of Trading - 2015-01-15
Christian DeHaemer's 55 Rules of Trading.

Double your Money with these Oil ETFs
Where will YOU Be when Oil Prices Soar? - 2015-01-15
Don't kid yourself, oil prices will not stay this low forever.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) vs. GM (NYSE: GM)
GM Says THIS Will Kill Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) - 2015-01-14
The next Tesla-killer has arrived, and it certainly has promise. But will it work?

Why OPEC Hates Hockey
Casualties of OPEC's Price War - 2015-01-13
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why OPEC hates Canada more than any other oil-exporting country on the planet.

Oil Stocks That are Beating the Market
Tankers, Refiners, and Oil Services - 2015-01-12
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli explains what a contango is and how to invest now that it's happening.

Veto the Keystone XL Pipeline from Your Portfolio
Don't Invest in TransCanada (NYSE: TRP) - 2015-01-09
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why the Keystone has passed its prime for investing and offers alternatives.

Buy High Yield Stocks While Oil Prices are Low
+ Refiners Do Well When Oil Prices are Low - 2015-01-08
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli explains how investors can take advantage of low oil prices with high yield stocks.

Hypocrites and Straw Men: The Keystone Vote
Fools, Idiots, and More Fools - 2015-01-08
Christian DeHaemer talks about the politics and foolishness of the Keystone pipeline.

Saudi Arabia vs. U.S. Fracking
The Undeniable Truth About Fracking - 2015-01-07
Oil is crashing, but don't get too comfortable with low oil prices.

It's Time to Go Long on Oil
Buy Energy Now, Bank on it Later - 2015-01-06
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows readers how they can capitalize on bottoming oil prices.

Zero Hedge got it Wrong on Oil Price Analysis
Is Cheap Oil Really Good for the Economy? - 2015-01-05
Gasoline prices and the economic effects of cheaper oil.

Top Energy Investments for 2015
ETFs, MLPs, and Long-Term Growth - 2015-01-05
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli offers an argument for the bottom in high-yielding energy stocks.

U.S. Oil Export Investments 2015
Will the Ban Be Lifted This Year? - 2015-01-02
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why the U.S. could lift the oil export ban this year and how you can play it.

Energy Investing for 2015
It Starts Tomorrow! - 2014-12-31
2015 will be a great year for energy investors. Here are some of the innovations on the horizon...

Are Low Oil Prices the New Normal?
How to Avoid the Risks of Volatility - 2014-12-29
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli examines how investors can stay ahead while low oil prices become the new normal.

Putin's Russia Nears Recession on Oil Prices
Western Sanctions, an Oil Surplus, and Rosneft Debts - 2014-12-26
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl discusses Russia's dire economic situation due to OPEC oil price manipulation.

Coal Investing for 2015
The Return of Coal! - 2014-12-24
As demand continues to fall in the U.S., India and Japan are eagerly importing millions of tons of coal.

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