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Senate Votes Down Keystone XL Pipeline
Here's How to Play it Once it Passes - 2014-11-21
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl discusses the Senate vote on the Keystone XL pipeline and how it affects investors.

Kurdistan: The Next Dubai - 2014-11-20
Christian DeHaemer talks about how the EU will make up its energy needs when Vlad "The Deciever" Putin cuts off the tap.

Shale Oil vs. Arctic Drilling
The Death of Shale - 2014-11-19
What is the promise for shale after the turn of the century?

Iraq Oil Fortunes
961 Billion Reasons to Like Iraq Oil - 2014-11-18
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl offers investors a new way to get a piece of Iraq's vast oil wealth.

Halliburton (NYSE: HAL) Buying Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI)?
The Oil Services Boom Continues - 2014-11-17
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli discusses the potential deal between Halliburton and Baker Hughes.

Capitalize on OPEC Fear
Investing in Price Manipulation - 2014-11-14
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl deciphers recent comments from Saudi Aramco and offers a reason not to fear low oil prices.

Profit From the Destruction of Evil
Make ISIS Pay - 2014-11-13
Christian DeHaemer tells you how the coming downfall of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) will free up 13.7 billion barrels of oil and turn this small, little-known company into a major Middle East powerhouse.

Corn vs. Ethanol
The Future of Corn & Ethanol Prices - 2014-11-13
Energy and Capital explores how corn and ethanol prices will affect each other in the years to come.

2015 Alternative Energy Stock Predictions
5 Energy Stocks to Own for 2015 - 2014-11-12
Here are Jeff Siegel's top 5 alternative energy stock picks for 2015.

Is it Too Late to Build Your Gas Portfolio?
How to Earn Extra Returns in the Energy Sector - 2014-11-11
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl takes a hard look at how investors can earn extra returns in the energy sector.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is a Distraction
Here's a Better Way to Invest in Infrastructure - 2014-11-10
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli explains why the Keystone XL Pipeline serves as a distraction from better investments in the same industry.

Buy Conventional Oil
Low Prices? No Problem - 2014-11-07
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl analyzes the consequences of Saudi Arabia's oil price manipulation.

WWIII Starts in Saudi Arabia
Oil Pipe Ablaze - 2014-11-06
Christian DeHaemer talks blood-in-the-streets oil plays in the Middle East.

Investing in Republican Energy Policies
Will a GOP Senate Kill Alternative Energy? - 2014-11-05
With Republicans now in control of the Senate, should we dump our alternative energy stocks?

Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Drill
Harder, Faster, Deeper, More Expensive - 2014-11-04
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl takes a look at both sides in the fight over the future of the U.S. tight oil boom.

Big-Money Energy Deals Are Going Midstream
Oil Services, Pipelines, and Proppants are Buys - 2014-11-03
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli discusses the shift in energy investment towards midstream companies.

Where U.S. Oil Exports Will Go
Halloween-Themed Oil Investments - 2014-10-31
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why the U.S. has stopped importing Nigerian oil and when the U.S. could start exports of its own.

3,451% Gains from Plug Power - 2014-10-30
Hydrogen energy companies are about to launch, and this stock will return the most to early investors. Christian DeHaemer tells you all about it.

Investing in Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F)
Why I'm Buying Ford - 2014-10-29
Ford got hammered in Q3, but it could be ready to bounce back.

The Hidden Saudi Oil Crisis
Losing an Oil War - 2014-10-28
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows readers why Saudi Arabia is about to have a full-blown oil crisis on its hands.

Should you buy the latest MLP spinoff? - 2014-10-27
Energy and Capital editor Alex Martinelli discusses the latest MLP IPO to hit the market, and whether or not it's worth a buy.

Investing in Nuclear Fusion
Fusion Breakthrough Could set off a Nuclear Bull Market - 2014-10-24
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl comments on a breakthrough discovery for nuclear technology and how it could ignite a bull market for nuclear power.

2015 Natural Gas Forecast
Nothing Burns Like the Cold - 2014-10-23
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl takes a look down the road at what's ahead for natural gas in 2015.

Investing in McDonald's (NYSE: MCD)
Cheap, Crappy Food is the Secret to McDonald's (NYSE: MCD) Success - 2014-10-23
McDonald's is looking to sell more organic food to keep its customers. This is a horrible idea.

Solar Stocks for 2015
5 Solar Stocks to Own for 2015 - 2014-10-22
As 2016 rapidly approaches, marking the expiration of the solar Investment Tax Credit, 2015 could be the biggest year yet for solar investors.