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EU to meet with Putin for Natural Gas Talks
+Petroplex Investing - 2014-04-17
Putin says the EU is to blame for Ukraine's financial woes, EU says it's not so. Yet both sides agree Natural Gas supplies should not be disturbed.

Putins Gambit: Crimea's Oil
Big Blocks in the Black Sea - 2014-04-17
That Putin is willing to threaten war and the status quo means he believes Russia needs the oil from the Crimea. It's not just warm water ports and national pride. It's oil and gas.

Petroplex Investing
The 16 Hottest Oil Markets Today - 2014-04-16
No matter how much we produce, we'll never be able to get enough oil onto the market fast enough to keep pace with global demand. This will result in the inevitable rise in oil and gas prices, as well as a huge opportunity for those who invest in the oil and gas space.

Shale drilling releases 100+ Times More Methane than EPA thought
+California's '60% Catastrophe' - 2014-04-16
The shale drilling stage may emit much more methane than the EPA originally forecasted, according to a new study.

Wind Turbine for Charging your Phone
+Thanks, Putin! - 2014-04-15
Wind power to charge a phone or tablet sounds great, but is it possible yet?

California's "60% Catastrophe"
Land of Free Love, Expensive Oil - 2014-04-15
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reveals California's "60% Crisis" that is fueling its drive toward clean energy and shows investors why this push may not solve the state's real problem.

Total SA (NYSE: TOT) Commits to Angolan Offshore Project
+Alaska's Peak Oil Crisis - 2014-04-14
French Oil giant Total SA is going forward with its deep sea project off the coast of Angola

Welcoming the New Cold War
Thanks, Putin! - 2014-04-14
The Cold War once gave Americans a simple sense of purpose: to be better than the Soviets at anything and everything. And it was with this sense of purpose that our nation was able to accomplish so many great triumphs...

Big Box Retailers Push Wind Power
Ikea leads renewable charge - 2014-04-11
Ikea strives to be "net zero" by 2020. With a huge investment in a domestic wind farm, the Swedish retailer is leading a clean energy charge.

Alaska's Peak Oil Crisis
Boom to Bust for Big Oil - 2014-04-11
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why Big Oil is having a production crisis in Alaska and shows investors where to find the best oil profits right now.

Ametek (NYSE: AME) merges with Zygo (NASDAQ: ZIGO)
+Buy the Dip in Biotech - 2014-04-11
Ametek is buying all of Zygo Corp's stock at a 31% premium in its merger.

South Carolina gets first Bitcoin ATM
+Nuclear Safety Doubts Don't Hurt Uranium Stocks - 2014-04-10
The number of Bitcoin ATMs in the Robocoin franchise is increasing.

Fracking Europe
Situation in Ukraine Highlights European Gas Needs - 2014-04-10
Europe may not have the tight oil reserves that the U.S. has, but it can still help diminish reliance on Russia.

Buy the Dip in Biotech
Punch Bowl Still Out - 2014-04-10
The idea of big incisions for operations like open-heart surgery will be looked on as barbaric in ten years. Small incisions, micro robotics, and catheters are the future...

Willbros (NYSE: WG) Selling Off Oklahoma Downstream Assets
+A Dose of Reality for U.S. LNG Exports - 2014-04-09
Willbros Group is paying down debt by selling off some of its Tulsa assets.

Nuclear Safety Doubts Don't Hurt Uranium Stocks
This Bad Idea = Easy Money - 2014-04-09
Regardless of what you think about nuclear power, there's a boatload of money to be made in this space. It's times like these when I put my personal objections aside and just focus on creating wealth.

A Dose of Reality for U.S. LNG Exports
Biting Off More than They Can Chew - 2014-04-08
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl gives a sobering look at why U.S. LNG exports may not be as profitable as most investors believe.

Shell (NYSE: RDS.A) gets first crude from 'Crazy' Iraqi Field
+Investing in Agricultural Biotech - 2014-04-08
Shell's joint venture in the massive Majnoon field in Iraq has officially shipped its first crude.

This Battery Charges in 30 Seconds
Nanotech Powering a Revolution in Batteries - 2014-04-08
Everybody could use a mobile phone battery that charges more quickly. One Israeli company says it'll be in stores in three years.

Investing in Agricultural Biotech
The World's Most Evil Corporation? - 2014-04-07
How this commonly hated corporation is actually saving mankind.

Oklahoma Quakes blamed on Oil and Gas Exploration
Diversifying U.S. Oil Production - 2014-04-07
With the recent fracking Moratorium in Ohio, Oklahoma considers its own seismic activity.

3D Printing IPO
Belgium's Materialise Poised to Enter the Market - 2014-04-04
Add another 3D Printing company to the pot! Belgium's Materialise NV has filed with the SEC.

Solar Provider Sungevity Grabs New Capital
+They Just Reinvented the Wheel... - 2014-04-04
With ease-of-use as its primary tool for customer acquisition, Sungevity has received a $17 million capital investment.

Diversifying U.S. Oil Production
Trade Snake Oil for Crude Oil - 2014-04-04
Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains why even the smallest Texas towns are booming once again.

They Just Reinvented the Wheel...
AA Hits 52-Week High - 2014-04-03
Ford has started making its iconic F-150 truck out of aluminum on a test basis, and Tesla makes its electric cars out of aluminum. This trend will continue with other auto-makers...