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Encore Energy Works with Mineral Owners in the Utica Shale

Access to 250,000 Acres

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By Swagato Chakravorty
Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Encore Energy, Inc. recently acquired acreage across three townships of Eastern Morgan and Northern Washington Counties in the Utica Shale area, including 1,300 acres just off Anadarko’s (NYSE: APC) producing lease in Noble County.

The company is presenting several “add-on” tracts in both Noble and Guernsey counties to various active operators. The entire area has seen favorable conditions for the production of crude, natural gas liquids, dry gas, and condensate.

From MarketWatch:

"We are currently representing nearly a dozen properties located across a half dozen townships in Guernsey and Noble counties alone," said Joe Turner, Encore's Executive Vice President of Operations.

More than 250,000 acres across 13 counties in the Utica shale region are open to Encore, which works with operators to develop tracts for exploration and production.

The company works with mineral owners through the entire process of contracts, title review, curation, and final closing of property. Both mineral owner and production company get their needs met, and Encore receives its payment at the end.

In the near future, Encore hopes to acquire and develop properties in the Utica shale region as an operator.

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