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Keith Kohl

Baltimore, MD - Managing Editor, Energy and Capital

Each week, Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reports on oil and energy to over 360,000 readers.

Keith Kohl Editor of the Energy InvestorA true insider in the energy markets, Keith's research has helped thousands of investors capitalize off the rapidly changing face of energy...

Since 2008, he's called practically every major shale play before the mainstream press got wind of it — including the now-famous Bakken oil formation and the companies that have raked in billions in profits for their shareholders.

Keith was one of the first investors to move into the shale plays that are defining the North American energy boom today.

His travels took him on a whirlwind sojourn, from the massive shale gas deposit in the Marcellus Formation to Alberta's remote oil sands region, helping his readers build life-changing wealth every step of the way.

Often considered one of the few analysts today uncovering the real investment opportunities in the U.S. oil patch, Keith shares his vast knowledge of the global energy complex and the unprecedented opportunity offered in those energy markets with members of Energy Investor, the High Yield Energy Report, and Oil & Gas Trader.

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