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Corvus (TSX: KOR) Begins New Nevada Gold Search

+Petrified of Petroplex

Written by Tim Conneally
Posted January 29, 2014 at 2:38PM

Bullfrog Gold District Nevada

Canadian gold mining company Corvus Gold Inc (TSX: KOR) on Wednesday announced that it will soon begin a 4,000 meter exploratory drilling program in its North Bullfrog Project in Nevada. The primary goal of the new to extend the range of its Yellowjacket deposit, but this project will also include testing high-grade resources in other areas within the same gold district.

The Bullfrog district in Nevada first yielded gold back in 1904, and from that point until 1921 it yielded 112,000 ounces of gold and 869,000 ounces of silver. A series of events caused the vein to lose activity, and in the late 90's, declining precious metals prices seemed to put the final nail in its coffin.  However, after ownership of mines traded hands in the early 2000's, Corvus Gold Inc. acquired a full ownership stake and committed to making the mine as active as it had been.

Petrified of Petroplex

West Texas has yielded a lot of oil over the last thirty years, but there's a single zone outside the city of Midland that could yield an excess of 85 billion barrels in the coming years. We've taken to calling it the “Petroplex,” and you need to find out what it means to American energy independence.

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