Special Report: Why Steel Prices Will Boom Under Trump

Did you know that we drive 1.1 billion miles… every single day?

And the roads we drive on? They’re falling apart.

In fact, one out of every three roads in the U.S. is in substandard condition.

The American Society of Engineers gives a report card every year for America’s infrastructure…  

Our most recent grade? D+.

I don’t know about you, but for me, anything lower than a C is a failing grade…

The one thing I don’t want to fail?

The roadways and interstates I drive on every day.

But that’s exactly what’s happening.

250 of the most heavily used bridges that are considered structurally deficient can be found on interstate highways. Nearly 90% of these were constructed almost half a century ago!

The Cost to YOU

Americans squander more than 4 billion hours sitting in traffic jams due to lack of new roads.

All that wasted time costs nearly 3 billion gallons of fuel.

That’s a huge amount of wasted time and money.

Fortunately, the reality of our infrastructure problem is about to take a prominent position in the public eye.

Right now, our president is working on divvying out a $1 trillion investment into replacing and upgrading aging U.S. infrastructure.

That includes things like roads and bridges, but also oil and gas pipelines, hydro-power dams, and the energy grid itself.

Of course, it will be great to not waste the time and money that we do now sitting in traffic...

But the race to fix America’s crumbling infrastructure is going to boost a part of the economy you might not have thought of…

What’s one thing we need to fix almost all structures?


And it’s about to boom.

You see Trump is going to need a whole lot of it to fix our infrastructure.

In late January President Trump issued orders that will make it much easier for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines to go through.

These huge pipelines will need huge amounts of steel…


American steel, because Trump ordered that the pipelines and others like it be made with U.S. made steel.

This mandate is true for new and current pipelines, as well as pipelines that need to be fixed/updated…

Steel production is up 7% worldwide according to the World Steel Association.

But it’s U.S. steel that’s important to us.

You see, Trump wants to get steel jobs back to the U.S. and U.S. steelmakers, and as such, has plans to impose a 45% tariff on Chinese imports.

This is a big deal…

You see the U.S. is the largest importer of steel in the world.

Last year we imported 22 million metric tons of steel.

China is the largest exporter of steel in the world.

Last year it exported 83.6 million metric tons of steel…

But you can bet that a 45% tariff on Chinese steel is going to make buyers turn to domestic steel.

After Trump was elected, steel stocks in the U.S. jumped 15%, 27%, 30%...

And that’s without any policies in place yet.

Some analysts think that demand for steel will jump 20% over the next five years…

Steel is about to experience a rebirth.

And you need to be there at the start.

That’s why we’ve found these three steel companies that are sure to profit off the steel boom.

United States Steel Corporation (NYSE: X)


United States Steel Corporation is set to make a big windfall once construction on the infrastructure gets started. It's the fifth-largest steel manufacturer in the world and the largest in the U.S. In 2016 the stock had gains of over 327% and with a market cap of $6.56 billion and gains in 2017 of 8.2%, this steel stock is set to make you a solid return.

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (NASDAQ GS: STLD)

Steel Dynamics

Steel Dynamics manufactures and recycles steel in the U.S. and abroad. They make steel beams, coated steel products, and various steel piping all of which will be a vital part of beefing up the U.S.’ infrastructure. It gained 114.1% in 2016, and has a market cap of $8.64 billion and a dividend yield of 1.55%.

Nucor Corporation (NYSE: NUE)


Nucor Corporation manufactures and sells steel in the U.S. and abroad. It manufactures steel joists and girders, fasteners, and other steel products.It's set up to profit from the investment in infrastructure because it already sells to contractors who work on our infrastructure. Nucor was up more than 66% in 2016, and it has a large market cap of $20.96 billion.

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