Special Report: Six Pot Stocks to Own in 2020

2018 was a banner year for pot stocks.

Canadian pot stocks in particular made early investors a ton of money after the country fully legalized cannabis. In some cases, we took gains in excess of 3,100%.

But the truth is the big money has now moved on to the next burgeoning market: the United States.

Thanks to a major shake-up in Washington and an avalanche of new state-based legalization efforts, a flood of new capital is pouring into the U.S. cannabis market in anticipation of the end of the federal prohibition on cannabis.

Make no mistake: The full-scale legalization of cannabis — on a federal level — is about to happen. And unless you hate money, you should absolutely have some portion of your portfolio reserved for U.S. pot stocks.

The entire framework for U.S. cannabis legalization is being built at this very moment. And in this report, I’ll reveal the names of six U.S. pot stocks that are primed for huge gains in the first half of 2020.

Time to Buy

In 2018, we saw U.S. cannabis stocks begin to move in unison with Canadian cannabis stocks, both before and after Canada’s legalization.

The result was a huge wave of profits for those who jumped in early.

But a lot has changed for pot stocks since that big run up.

The reality is, while there’s no greater investment opportunity today than in the legal cannabis market, at the start of 2019, most cannabis stocks were incredibly overvalued — in some cases by more than 60% to 70%.

For early investors who took their winnings off the table, this was a good thing. But for those who were late to the party, there were huge losses. The good news for you, however, is that the correction in cannabis stocks in 2019 has brought a series of fantastic buying opportunities.

Strong Momentum

Before we get into these individual stocks, let’s first take a look at why the U.S. cannabis market remains red-hot.

Although cannabis stocks began to correct earlier this year, the legalization movement has continued to gain traction.

On the legislative front, there are several cannabis-related bills getting a lot of support from lawmakers — on both sides of the aisle. Some of the more important ones include:

The SAFE Banking Act — allows cannabis businesses to use banking services, passed the House on September 25, 2019. If it also passes the Senate, this bill would be a major game changer, as access to banking services would allow the cannabis industry to tap into large pools of cheap money. It would also clear the way for dispensaries to use credit cards, which some believe would increase average consumer purchases by nearly 200%.

The Ensuring Safe Capital Access for All Small Businesses Act — would allow cannabis entrepreneurs to apply for small business administration (SBA) loans.

The STATES Act — would force the federal government to recognize and honor U.S. state laws regarding cannabis legalization.

It is likely that all three of these will pass by the end of the year, thereby laying the groundwork for full-scale federal decriminalization.

Other developments include:

  • 17 states have officially decriminalized cannabis.
  • 11 states, plus the District of Columbia, have officially legalized the recreational use of cannabis.
  • 33 states have officially legalized the medical use of cannabis.

Federal Reserve officials have pledged to tell banks they can serve hemp businesses.

Every Democrat running for president in 2020 is openly supporting decriminalization and legalization legislation.

Everything we’re seeing today is very similar to what we saw in Canada just two years prior to legalization:

  • Overwhelming support from voters.
  • Individual states (or in the case of Canada, provinces) backing legalization in an effort to increase tax revenues.
  • Billions of dollars being funneled into new cannabis ventures and lobbying efforts.
  • Election-time politicians using legalization as a way to garner votes.

Make no mistake: This IS happening. And in less than three years, there will no longer be any federal criminalization of cannabis. This is why there’s never been a better time to load up on these recently corrected U.S. cannabis stocks.

Buying on the Cheap

There are plenty of U.S. cannabis stocks to choose from, but at this point it’s all about bargain hunting and finding the best deal. And when it comes to “best deals,” we’re primarily focused on multi-state operators (MSOs). I’m talking about cannabis companies that are operational in multiple states.

Because the industry is still fragmented by state and the plant is still considered federally illegal, every state has its own set of rules and opportunities. But those companies already on the ground in multiple states will have a first-mover advantage once the federal prohibition of cannabis is lifted.

The following MSOs already have very large U.S. exposure, very deep pockets, are actively generating revenue, and are trading at significant discounts to their peers.


Footprint: 11 States + Puerto Rico

One-year price target: $6


Footprint: 15 States

One-year price target: $19


Footprint: 11 States

One-year price target: $10


Footprint: Nine States

One-year price target: $9.25


Footprint: 12 States

One-year price target: $5


Footprint: Eight States

One-year price target: $4.25

Easy Money

Although the lion’s share of cannabis profits will be made in the U.S. in 2020, there are also additional opportunities outside of the U.S.

Take Elixinol (OTCBB: ELLXF),for instance, which has excellent exposure in Australia. And Khiron Life Sciences (OTCBB: KHRNF), which is a solid play to capitalize on the Latin America market, is also growing rapidly, particularly with Mexico gearing up to legalize. And other countries such as Colombia, Uruguay, and Brazil are also making big moves in the production and export markets. The nice thing about Khiron is that the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, sits on the board of the company.

These Six Stocks Are Just the Beginning of the Cannabis Cash Windfall

The truth is the cannabis market is a global one, and it’s spreading rapidly. And while the big money is still in the U.S., keep a lookout for major legalization efforts to take hold in Latin America, the EU, Australia, and even China in the coming years.

As new developments unfold in any of these markets, you’ll want to stay on top of them because even a small delay in getting in on a stock while it climbs to the top could cost you thousands.

That’s why I want to take a moment to share some very exciting news.

Part of my duties as the in-house pot stock expert at Angel Publishing is to pinpoint new pot opportunities that could help investors rake in huge profits.

And I just identified three additional pot stocks that are primed to skyrocket from the onslaught of legalization efforts.

Quite frankly, at this point, it’s just easy money for investors who get into these three stocks early.

In fact, this is one of those opportunities I like to call a “Kennedy Event.”

Because just like how the Kennedy family amassed $16 million in wealth (the equivalent of over $300 million today) by bottling and storing liquor in preparation for the end of prohibition...

Investors who prepare for the end of marijuana’s prohibition could experience a windfall of the same kind of “Kennedy” wealth. This, in fact, is one of the biggest Kennedy-style profit opportunities you or I will see in our lifetimes.

It’s why I created "The Kennedy Blueprint: Three Millionaire-Maker Stocks for The End of Pot Prohibition."

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