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Secret Stock Files is very broadly focused on investing in natural resources.

We respond to market conditions by taking positions in high-quality natural resource stocks and other assets to leverage price swing in commodities from their source.

Why Invest Natural Resources?

Markets change every single day. But it’s unlikely that your general financial goal doesn’t: You always want to make more money.

Investing in the right natural resources – and in the right places at the right time – can provide investors with constant stream of revenue throughout their entire lives.

And that’s simply because of this truth: There has never been a time in history when investing in the right natural resources hasn’t been a profitable venture.

Natural resources are the fundamental building blocks of society.

We simply can’t do without them. The human ability to re-purpose natural resources is one of the key advantages we have over the rest of the animal kingdom.

No other species on the planet has the cognitive capability to process and reprocessed natural resources like man. And it’s this advantage that has really secured our dominance here on Earth.

There’s no doubt that right this very second everything surrounding you right now is nothing more than a collection of natural resources that have been re-purposed.

  • The materials that went into the concrete foundation of your house was once mined from the earth.
  • The lumber that makes up building frames was originally harvest from a forest.
  • The gypsum in the drywall, all of the glass that surrounds you, the metals that bring electricity to you, the materials of the chair your sitting in, the computer screen your reading this on right now...all derives from natural resources that were one mined, harvested, or otherwise collected.
  • Even the food you put in your mouth is a natural resource.

Natural resource investing covers a pretty wide scope from anything mined, cut, or collected. Here’s a general list of the natural resource commodity groupings we need and use every day:

As the world continues to grow in population and becomes more urbanized, more of these natural resources are going to be required to satisfy the ever increasing demand.

Fact is, the demand for precious metals, building materials and other natural resources always increase as nation’s develop.

Developing countries have huge appetites for gravel, lumber, steel and other materials needed to build roads and other infrastructure.

But even developed countries always need these resources to repair existing public works – and as the years pass, repairs and updates always need to be made made.

Even here in America, engineer's give the nation's current infrastructure a failing grade. The American Society of Civil Engineers says at least $3.6 trillion will be needed to repair America's infrastructure by 2020.

america infrastructure report card

A number of nations have begun buying up natural resources to ensure a consistent supply of important raw materials such as crude oil and gold.

Not only do nations need these materials for production, many natural resources act as a store of value, particularly precious metals. These resources become more attractive when inflation threatens investors.

Bottom line, there is always a demand for the right natural resources.

But success in natural resource investing has everything to do with timing.

You need to own the right natural resources at the right time.

Back in 2002, I became bullish on gold and other natural resources after watching the sharp decline in the value of the U.S. dollar at the time bolster commodity prices.

With gold prices trading in a range of $300 to $350 an ounce at the time, it was a great time to be a buyer of the yellow metal.

But you also need to know when to sell...

By 2011, the Secret Stock Files portfolio was sitting on dozens of triple-digits winners... as well as several quadruple-digit gains. But it was then I began to see the gold and precious metal markets being bloated and generally over-hyped.

So I sold everything.

And it was perfect timing. I exited all of my precious metal positions just eight weeks prior to the correction in gold prices beginning in October 2011...the exact top of the market.

At the end of 2015, I began to reenter the gold and precious metal markets. On November 16, 2015 I published an article in titled The End of the Gold Bear Market.

The official end of the gold bear market was only a few weeks later when the Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in then ten years.

end of gold market luke burgess

Most recently, I have been taking positions in base and energy metals such as copper and lithium. But I follow the hot markets.

The only constant is change. And successful natural resource investing demands constant changes to meet market climate.

From time to time, I will also take positions in monetary assets such as currencies, and recently cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Money and natural resources are undividably linked as instruments of wealth storage.

To learn more, become of member of Secret Stock Files right now. You'll get instant access to all reports and stock recommendations. There is still time to act. But this door of opportunity is closing fast.

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