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Back in the summer of 2011, when the price of gold topped $1,900 an ounce, the equity positions in the original Secret Stock Files portfolio were soaring.

The SSF portfolio was sitting on dozens of triple-digit and several quadruple-digit gains. These gains were so spectacular that I decided it was time to secure all profits from our six-year run of gains.

And I sold everything.

It was perfect timing.

The price of gold topped $1,900 an ounce, but only briefly, before a solid five straight years of price declines, which pushed gold prices all the way down to almost $1,000 an ounce at the end of 2015.

But after watching gold and mining markets continue to get beaten down as the Plunge Protection Team successfully delayed a still-coming catastrophe, I quickly reentered the gold and precious metal markets in October 2015 because I began to see the bigger picture...

And beginning around November 2015, I began to contribute to Wealth Daily's sister publication, Energy and Capital, urging subscribers to once again start buying gold and precious metal stocks.

Again, it was nearly perfect timing.

You see, most investors don't see or even understand what's really happening in the gold market. And the most important to you right now is this...

We're sitting at the threshold of another spectacular run-up in gold prices and precious metal-related equities.

But this time, the gains are going to be even bigger. And they're going to happen much faster.

They're going to make rich people out of investors like you... if you understand this...

The Gold Bull Market Did Not End in 2011

A long-term gold cycle started in the summer of 2001.

And we're only 80% of the way though it.

In fact — despite the drop in prices over the past few years — the long-term gold bull market that started back in 2001 is actually going exactly as expected.

And if history is any metric for what we can look forward to from gold, prices could easily reach as high as $6,500 an ounce... or higher... within the next 24 to 36 months!

Gold Bull Market 1970s Gold Bull Market Today

Right now, the market is sitting right at the doorstep of what could be a spectacular run in gold prices. And few are really seriously listening. That's because they fail to see the forest for the trees.

But the power behind the impending and final “Speculative Mania” stage of the current gold bull market could easily drive prices to historic highs.

And that's exactly why I've decided to resurrect Secret Stock Files now.

This incarnation of Secret Stock Files will once again seek to leverage a cyclical upswing of gold and precious metal prices through equity investments focusing on mining and mineral projects.

Our latest report clues readers in to a secret gold market that your broker or the media won't tell you about. 

To learn more, become of member of Secret Stock Files right now. You'll get instant access to all reports and stock recommendations. There is still time to act. But this door of opportunity is closing fast.

Don't wait, join now.

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