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While we offer free investment analysis and commentary in our daily eLetter, Energy and Capital. We also offer a wide-range of paid investment newsletters. In these letters you get even more in-depth analysis and recommendations of particular energy stocks we think could be winners in the short and long-term. No matter what your investment philosophy is, we have a newsletter to match it and help you achieve your goals.

The Energy Investor

Keith Kohl, Managing Editor

When Keith started the Energy Investor, he set out to give investors the very best research and investment recommendations from the energy sector.

And with gains like 574%, 478%, 286%, 118%, and 114%, we have no problem saying "Mission: Accomplished."

Keith has been in front of every major energy trend in the past 5 years, he practically discovered the Bakken as an investment play.

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Jeff Siegel's Power Portfolio

Jeff Siegel, Managing Editor

For almost a decade, Jeff has been at the forefront of the new, modern energy revolution. Along the way, he has helped individual investors make small fortunes by tapping everything from solar, wind, and geothermal to natural gas, electric cars, and smart grid technologies.

Although fossil fuels will remain the dominant energy source for years to come, it is the growth opportunity in modern energy technologies that's making forward-thinking investors wealthy.

Bottom line: You simply will not find a more compelling, long-term growth opportunity than modern energy. And you simply will not find a better analyst to bring you modern energy opportunities.

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Nick Hodge's Early Advantage

Nick Hodge, Managing Editor

Nick's Early Advantage is the resource for big profits from little-known breakthroughs and disruptive technologies in energy, electronics, technology, agriculture, and more.

No sector is off-limits. And the early advantage doesn't only apply to just stocks. You'll get Nick's musings on productivity, taxes, food, leisure, and more.

From chatting with startup CEOs in Silicon Valley... to meeting and working with actual farmers... to inspecting mines in Alberta and Ontario...

You'll get the real boots-on-the-ground research most analysts just don't feel like doing: obscure conferences and trade shows, site visits, private one-on-one interviews — all in the name of getting the early advantage on any moneymaking — or money-saving — opportunity out there.

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