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Christian DeHaemer

Over the years, Christian DeHaemer has made his readers a fortune by finding small, little-known oil companies with tremendous upside...

Companies like Hurricane Hydrocarbon, Tullow Oil, and Dragon Oil have gone up more than 1,800% over the past few years.Chris Bio

His secret? Finding wildcatters who are exploring in places no one else will go.

Hurricane was the first company in Iraq; Tullow found the mother lode in East Africa; and Dragon Oil is sitting on a world-class natural gas field in Turkmenistan.

Christian found these companies when they were penny stocks. They are now mid-majors.

You may have heard of Christian from his roles as creator and editor for The Hammer, Rezone Profits, GRESSOR, and Crisis Trader.

For the last 15 years, Chris has beaten every major market index.

In 2012, he continued by beating the Dow Industrials by 142%.

Utilizing a unique blend of contrarian investing coupled with a specific catalyst he calls "The Hammer, Trigger and Spark System," Chris keeps your money in play and ensures rapid profits.

Over the years, he has traveled to Cuba, Egypt, India, Kenya, and Mongolia, among other frontier markets, in search of ridiculously low values and massive upside.

After putting his boots on the ground, Chris bought oil stocks in Mongolia that returned 759%; he positioned himself in energy companies in Kenya that returned 105%, 117%, 411%, and 318%, respectively.

Christian buys fear with a cool hand while others are selling in panic... 

He bought oil wildcatters when the price per barrel was plummeting into the $30 range — and took profits a few months later when oil was pushing $80.

He shorted Facebook and bought it back after the shares were unlocked, making money both ways.

When asked about today's market, he'll tell you that you want to trade the volatility short term using options and buy hard assets on the dip for the long term.

Chris is leveraging up in the synthetic fuels market, as the price of natural gas makes NG to jet fuel a no-brainer.

He encourages buying stuff you can drop on your foot: oil, gold, and other commodities.

He shares his insight and stock picks with readers in the pages of Energy and Capital and his advisory service, Crisis and Opportunity.

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