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The Top 7 Cannabis Stocks for 2018

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted October 17, 2017

The yellows and reds are piled high in the backyard.

Pretty soon, the trees will look like brown skeletons swaying in the breeze, the wood stove will be fired up, and friends and neighbors will warn of a winter that’s “supposed to be really bad this year.”

We hear it every year.

How the squirrels have been busier than ever stocking up for the winter. How one of a thousand weather forecasts is calling for “colder than usual” temperatures. How crazy uncles who think the government is spying on them through their microwaves can “feel it in their bones.”

I’ve always found it quite comical, this idea that long-term weather conditions are validated by little in the way of sound data and data analysis.

That’s not to say that the observations of the eating habits of rodents or a particular forecast made by a meteorologist with a lucky streak aren’t relevant. But can you imagine if we based our long-term investment forecasts on such things?

Of course, that doesn’t dissuade guys like me from making yearly predictions — although these predictions are based on sound data analysis and solid trend investigations that have led to dozens of triple-digit profits over the past 11 years. And make no mistake; there are plenty more coming in 2018.

Too Much Money

Four years ago, when I first got into the legal cannabis space, many of my colleagues thought I was crazy. They believed I was taking on too much risk and wasn’t taking seriously the potential pitfalls of a federal cannabis crackdown that never happened... just as I had predicted.

That’s not to say investing in cannabis isn’t without its risks. But many of those risks — including a federal crackdown on states that have legalized — have never materialized. And I don’t suspect they will in 2018, either. Because, as I’ve mentioned in the past, there’s just too much money at stake at this point.

Individual states that have legalized are now heavily reliant upon the cannabis industry for tax revenue and job creation. And with California, the sixth largest economy in the world, set to launch its own adult-use market in January, the industry is only going to become stronger.

It should also be noted that next summer, cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes will be completely legal in Canada.

Make no mistake; the end of cannabis prohibition is coming. And if you have any sense about you, you will take full advantage of this reality by getting yourself some exposure to the cannabis market right away.

It’s Just the Beginning

Over the years, we’ve made a lot of money in the cannabis space.

In fact, members of my Green Chip Stocks community are sitting on a half-dozen cannabis stocks that have already delivered gains in excess of 212%, 308%, 614%, even 1,008%.

And this is just the beginning.

Truth is, 2018 could end up being the best year yet. And this is mostly due to the launch of the California market, the Canadian market, and the political and social momentum behind the repeal of cannabis prohibition in countries all over the world.

Although Canada has become the global hub for the cannabis industry, and the U.S. is rapidly embracing legalization, we’re also seeing new legalization developments in Mexico, Australia, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Uruguay, and Israel.

The bottom line is that we haven’t seen an opportunity like this since the early days of renewable energy and the dawn of the fracking boom. Both, by the way, have made many Energy and Capital readers insanely wealthy over the years.

And while we still profit from various sectors of the global energy market, the big money in 2018 is going to be in legal cannabis.

7 Cannabis Stocks to Own for 2018

When looking at legal cannabis stocks, one thing you have to understand is that while the industry is booming, there are still only a small handful of stocks that can actually make you any money. And these are the stocks that represent companies that are delivering on three very important metrics: capital, market share, and management.

Although the legal cannabis market is still relatively young, it’s insanely cutthroat. And only those companies that are well capitalized will be able to successfully compete in 2018.

Truth is, I won’t touch a cannabis company that doesn’t have a war chest of capital going into 2018. The market is getting too competitive, and those that are not well capitalized will be out of business by the end of next year.

Market share is also incredibly important.

This is where Canada really shines, as the biggest players in this market also have exposure in other countries, including the U.S., Germany, Colombia, Israel, and Australia.

And, of course, management is key. In fact, I often say that it’s management in which I invest, not companies.

Similar to the way we’ve seen this factor play a role in the success of stocks like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), and Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), the same holds true of the cannabis space.

As an expert in this field, I’ve come to know and respect the most successful management teams in this space. And those are the folks who are running the companies that have already delivered us the biggest gains in our portfolio. Some of these companies are also on my 2018 list, which includes the following:

  • Canopy Growth Corporation (TSX: WEED)
  • Aphria, Inc. (TSX: APH)
  • OrganiGram Holdings (TSX-V: OGI)
  • Emblem Corp. (TSX-V: EMC)
  • ABcann (TSX-V: ABCN)
  • Canadian Bioceutical Corporation (CSE: BCC)
  • The Green Organic Dutchman (Expected to IPO in 2018)

Of course, I’m not going to reveal all of my picks for 2018 in these pages. Some I have to keep just for members of my Green Chip Stocks community, who have been building incredible wealth over the past few years by following my advice.

You can become a member of my Green Chip Stocks community — and get access to my complete portfolio of legal cannabis stocks — by clicking here.

Or, if you’re just getting started in the space, check out my “Introduction to Legal Cannabis Investing” video, which you can access here.

But don’t wait too long, because 2018 is right around the corner. And if you don’t get some exposure before the end of the year, you’re going to miss out on what will absolutely be the most lucrative market of 2018.

Click here to get started.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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Jeff Siegel

P.S. Because members of my Green Chip Stocks community have been so successful over the past few years by investing in legal cannabis stocks, I decided to write a “Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Legal Cannabis.” It’s a 77-page e-book that lists, in addition to the stocks I’ve already mentioned here, more than 35 other legal cannabis stocks you can buy right now. You can get access to this book by clicking here now.

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