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Stocks to Buy Following a Crash

Posted February 6, 2018

Thank the gods of the Dow for this market sell-off. It’s been almost impossible to find anything to buy for over a month now.

I’ve been sitting here in the penthouse of 111 Market Place just off the harbor in Downtown Baltimore. The light reflects nicely off the water, but it is February, and the boats don’t come as often. It’s predictable; the same thing happened last year.

We live in a world of repeatable patterns. But things are starting to shift. It was a rainy, cold weekend, and the radio told me there were zero murders in Baltimore. The news is reporting that it is due to a movement called Ceasefire, which has convinced people to stop killing each other. Perhaps... Stranger things have happened.

Tom Brady lost the Super Bowl, for instance. And the Dow Jones Industrial Average actually corrected. It’s down over 1,000 points as I write this. Price discovery at last! Seems surreal after so many record days at the top.

Taxes Are Certain

For part of this cold and rainy weekend, I spent it with Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU) doing my taxes. Yes, I do my own taxes, mow my lawn, and split wood as well. Your humble editor has many talents.

So, as our federal government, in its own wisdom, has allowed me to keep a pittance of my own money (or should I say has given it back after holding it without compensation for a year)...  

I was thinking that I could take it to New Jersey and blow it at the Bellagio on a weekend of debauchery and hedonism. But the beautiful brunette wouldn’t go for it. I don’t even have to ask. Besides, debauchery doesn't have the appeal it used to.

No, dear reader, it is better to put it to work. Much like Benjamin Franklin professed, use the dip to buy Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) or Visa (NYSE: V) on the cheap.

But no, I already own Microsoft and Visa. They’ve been very good to me over the years. I simply want more upside, more alpha. A company in a solid, booming industry with massive growth potential.

Perhaps in battery technology like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA). But no, in this “up is down” new world we live in, Tesla didn’t even sell off. It closed at $333, not far from its year-to-date high of $342.

Besides, Tesla doesn't make any money. Elon Musk is so bored with his company that he is going off on tangents like flamethrowers and launching cars into orbit.

I want my EV company to make money and concentrate on producing and selling vehicles. There is one that perhaps you’ve never heard of. It is an expert battery maker and has produced more phone batteries than anyone in the world. It has also sold more electric vehicles than anyone, including more than 51,215 in December alone.

And due to a new five-year plan in China, it is expected to grow 10 times by 2025.

If that’s not enough to entice you, then you should know that you can buy this company at a 13% discount. It’s BTFD at its finest. At the very least, you should add it to your list of what to buy at the bottom.

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Since 1995, Christian DeHaemer has specialized in frontier market opportunities. He has traveled extensively and invested in places as varied as Cuba, Mongolia, and Kenya. Chris believes the best way to make money is to get there first with the most. Christian is the founder of Bull and Bust Report and an editor at Energy and Capital. For more on Christian, see his editor's page.

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