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Stem Cell Bone Marrow Breakthrough

Why this advance could cure dangerous blood disorders

Posted May 23, 2016

We’ve recently told you about a stem cell advancement could double food production, a key to possibly ending world hunger. Well now we’ve heard of another advance, a medical one, that could help us eradicate some of humanities worst and most painful diseases.

Stem cells are cells that scientists can manipulate into other cells, replacing diseased tissue with healthy tissue. Collected from bone marrow, embryos, and umbilical cords, advancements in stem cell research have started us down the path of curing cancer, diabetes, and in a recent study, the possibility of bringing brain-dead patients back to life.

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A Perfect Match

A scientific lab at UCLA has made several discoveries about how blood stem cells are created and maintained, in the lab and the human body.

 stem cells 1

This is important knowledge for physicians who need to treat their patients through a bone marrow transplant. The problem with this transplant thus far, is that many bone marrow transplants, no matter how carefully they’re matched, are rejected by the new host’s body, creating a plethora of new, and sometimes deadly problems in addition to the disease itself.

But now these UCLA scientists believe they’ve found the stem cell gene cluster that will allow physicians to find a perfect bone marrow match with the patient they’re trying to heal. If this science proves viable, it would be life-changing news to people with leukemia, lymphoma, and many other cancer and blood-related diseases who need these transplants in order to survive.

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