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Silver Demand, Prices, Shoot Up

The “forgotten” precious metal making a comeback

Posted June 17, 2016

Silver is often put to the wayside in favor of its more valuable cousin, gold.

Sometimes even termed the “forgotten” metal, investors often don’t think of it, buying into gold bullion and stocks instead.

Many people have bought into gold recently, including billionaire George Soros. This is well and good for him, since he’s valued at $23 billion dollars. But for the average investor like you and I, gold is a pricey, sometimes impossible investment, currently priced at almost $1,300/oz.

But good news is on the horizon for those still interested in buying into precious metals: silver is back.

Valued at $17.47/oz. silver is an investment that the average investor can make, by buying into silver bullion and silver stocks.

Silver Rises Amid Domestic, Global Concerns

Silver is used in many different sectors, including manufacturing, technology, jewelry, and tableware. It’s a good bet to place, when worry over the economy is rampant, due to a disappointing jobs report in May, confusion from the Fed, and concern over the Brexit vote taking the United Kingdom out of the EU. Investors are flocking toward things with more value than paper currency, and one of those things is silver.

silver eagle 1The U.S. Mint has added more Silver Eagles to their stockpile, on track to have its biggest sales year ever, already doubling last year’s record-breaking sales of 47 millions ounces of Silver Eagles sold.  

Just yesterday, after the Fed’s decision to not hike rates again, silver prices increased by 2%.

No one wants to be without some form of security right now, and silver is a great way to get that security, especially for someone who can’t afford to invest millions in gold.

With an investment in silver, you’ll be able to invest in something of real value, unlike the paper money we carry around in our wallets.

You want to make sure your investments will shine even when the dollar doesn’t.

To read more about rising silver demand and prices, click here.

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