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Natural Gas Push a Boon for Investors

The Shale Boom Brings Another Big Commodity to Light

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted June 10, 2015

The U.S.'s shale boom didn't just bring in new supplies of oil; natural gas reserves also grew with the expanding fracking market. However, according to the Energy Information Administration, natural gas production is plateauing after the massive growth of last year.

This news is actually a good thing for individual investors.

NatGas Use

As the oil market forced drilling companies to increase efficiency, newer, faster, and better techniques were found to produce natural gas as well. And as the oil market plummeted, it drove some companies to focus more on natural gas.

But even as this production plateaus, demand keeps growing. As you can see above, it's already more than a quarter of our energy needs! And that means a big opportunity for investors.

Although oil will inevitably rebound in the long-term, natural gas is bouncing back now!

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