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My #1 Water Stock for 2016

Add This Stock to Your Water Portfolio

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted April 27, 2016

The World Economic Forum recently assessed all global risks based on their likelihood and impact to society.

And the #1 concern wasn't terrorism...

Or weapons of mass destruction.

It wasn't financial crisis... social instability... or even the spread of some terrible infectious disease.

The #1 global concern right now is water.

water stocks 2016 1

According to the United Nations, water usage is growing at twice the pace of population!

It estimates that by 2025, two-thirds of the world's population will be experiencing water “stress conditions.”

And one of the biggest contributors to these “stress conditions” is aging infrastructure — the aching bones of the water systems. Even here in the U.S., the water infrastructure is ancient.

The median age of the water systems in America is 78 years! This leads to some 240,000 water main breaks a year and 1.7 trillion gallons of water lost due to broken and leaky pipes.

And that's just in America. Worldwide, the problem is way worse.

Chew on this...

More people own a cell phone than a toilet.

The house is on fire, dear reader. Here's how to buy the homeowner's insurance while it's still burning...

Veolia Environnement SA (ADR) (OTC: VEOEY)

water stocks 2016 2

Veolia is a France-based environmental management service. Through its subsidiary, Veolia Water, the company is the world's largest supplier of water services.

Veolia handles water and wastewater services for clients in the public sector and in various industries. The company also creates and constructs the required technology and infrastructure.

Through these businesses, it provides drinking water to 96 million people, treats wastewater for 60 million people around the world, and processes nearly 46.4 million metric tons of waste each year.

Veolia Water also provides several additional technologies and services, including desalination. The company is currently the world's largest desalination operator, controlling about 15% of Earth's total desalination capacity.

Shares of VEOEY have generally traded horizontally since summer 2015. However, as the global water crisis spreads, I believe VEOEY will start to march higher over the next several months.

Along with Xylem (NYSE: XYL) and WSP Global (TSX: WSP), we're going to add Veolia to our Energy and Capital water portfolio. Shares of VEOEY closed yesterday at $23.73. I feel comfortable recommending buying it up to $24.00.

Until next time,

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