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Building Your Bitcoin Fortune... But Without the Risk?

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted August 11, 2017

Always trust your computer geeks.

To be clear right off the bat, I use that term out of love... and greed.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, nobody except those computer wizards expected Bitcoin to take off like it did.

At best, only a handful of investors had enough cajones to hold onto their Bitcoin since early 2013.


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If you built your position when Bitcoin prices were under $20 and haven’t taken your gains off the table by now, then you’re either incredibly smart... or incredibly dumb.

For now, you’re in the former category and sitting on a gain of more than 11,583%!

But here’s the cold, bitter pill of truth that comes with chasing Bitcoin’s unbelievable run: you will never see that kind of Bitcoin profit again.

For that to happen, Bitcoin will have to go on another unprecedented run — to $405,984!

For any of you who might think that will happen, I also have a bridge you might be interested in buying.

So when my colleague Luke Burgess told me about a little-known Bitcoin investment, my initial skepticism was hard to overcome.

Yet I was so confident that the real profits had already been made in Bitcoin that I foolishly dismissed it as a fad.

I was wrong.

Right now, the hype over buying Bitcoin is as strong as ever, and it's growing every day.

At last count, there were at least 70 funds in the works that were jumping into cryptocurrencies.

And trust me, when hedge fund managers start jumping in headfirst, you can’t help but think that you’ve missed the boat.

They’re always the last to the party, and that’s never where you want to find yourself... ever.

But there was something unique to the way Luke described the tiny investment gem he’s uncovered.

You see, he’s discovered a way to capture all of Bitcoin’s upside potential, but without having to worry about the extreme volatility that comes with trading any cryptocurrency.

He found a way to side-step all of that risk.

It was such a simple, effective approach to a market that still confuses the majority of investors hunting for their first elusive 10-bagger.

It’s the kind of investment that comes but once a generation, dear reader.

Sure, Bitcoin fans are calling for it to pass $5,000 right now.

Thing is, it’s not too far-fetched to see it fall back under $2,500.

“That’s the beauty with this stock, Keith,” Luke began. “These wild price swings that make most investors queasy are completely avoidable. You just have to be smart about your approach.”

He just nailed our single biggest concern over Bitcoin.

“Let the suckers trade it and swallow any losses from these crypto price fluctuations... the real money is in printing it.

“The market hasn’t realized this yet,” he continued, “and when it does, it’s going to make those Bitcoin profits in 2013 look infantile.”

It didn’t take very long to lay it all out.

Here’s the bottom line: If you haven’t seen Luke’s investment presentation, you need to.

Now, I would never tell my readers to blindly throw their trust in an investment opportunity (especially Bitcoin!).

That’s why Luke walks you through the details of this investment every step of the way.

It took less than 60 seconds for me to grasp the lucrative potential behind one stock that stands to make you a fortune from the Bitcoin craze.

Without the speculation.

You can watch it here, or, if you prefer, you can read through every last facet of this investment by clicking here.

The next move is yours.

Until next time,

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Keith Kohl

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