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500-Mile Range Electric Car

Danish Companies Develop Long-Range EV

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted July 17, 2012

A group of three Danish companies has come up with what might just be a revolution in electric cars—a car with radically extended range.

The Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECc), developed by Insero E-Mobility, makes use of bio-methanol, which can be obtained from many sources including natural gas, to give it a range of 500 miles.

Mogens Lokke, CEO of ECOmove, told CNN:

"Bio-methanol is a very good way to power cars because it has a very good CO2 profile, much better than diesel or gasoline. In combination with the way we built the car which is really lightweight (425 kilograms) we can get the 500-mile range."

ECOmove designed the QBEAK—the car that will use the MECc—which tops out at 75mph and features a modular battery within the chassis

The max speed is adequate for most purposes. The fuel cell, which is highly efficient, converts bio-methanol and water into electricity, and it re-uses any heat generated to power the car’s heating and cooling systems.

Mads Friis Jensen of Serenergy, which designed the fuel cell, said:

“We are using bio-methanol, which is chemically identical to methanol, because you can manufacture it from any source, including natural gas, biomass and timber waste.”

Bio-methanol reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 70 percent, meaning emission reductions from the QBEAK will be around a third of that of conventional engines.

We can expect a demonstration model in 2013.

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