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Will Elon Musk’s “Self-Driving” Software Make Your Tesla a Death-Mobile?

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted October 1, 2021

Tech market analyst Sean McCloskey reveals the truth about Elon Musk’s Autopilot and self-driving software claims.

The B-5 System: How to Buy Biotechs for Pennies Before They Go Public

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted September 30, 2021

For 27 years, Jeff Siegel’s been developing an extensive network of personal contacts deep inside the biotech industry, and we can tell you from experience: The game-changing advances happening in biotech right now give us a never-ending parade of trading opportunities.

This Is Warren Buffett’s Greatest Regret

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted September 29, 2021

Warren Buffett holds an immense grudge against someone, but their last name isn’t Zuckerberg, Gates, Musk, or Bezos. Care to take a guess who could live rent-free in the mind of the greatest investor of our times?

This Is by Far the Best Strategy to Buy Quality Stocks at the Cheapest Prices

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted September 28, 2021

How can two investors own stakes in the same company yet one loses money on their investment while the other books a nice double-digit gain? The answer may surprise you. Analyst Sean McCloskey reveals all inside.

Semiconductor Stocks 2022: Get Your Cut of the Silicon Gold Rush

Written by Luke Sweeney
Posted September 27, 2021

Analysts fear the situation could turn dire. One predicted it would devolve into a “knife fight” between companies whose entire businesses depend on these precious chips...

Options Action Friday — This Stock Is Ready to Rally

Written by Sean McCloskey
Posted September 24, 2021

The fourth-quarter rally is kicking off in fine fashion, which also gives us the opportunity to potentially cash in on some flash options action over the next few weeks.

Only God and Rich People Don’t Care About Credit Scores

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted September 23, 2021

Don’t waste any more time worrying about your credit score. Just get rich and never think about it again. That's why Jeff Siegel strongly urges you to stay on top of every moneymaking opportunity we present to you here at Energy and Capital, starting with these three...

Oil Outlook 2022: My #1 Oil Stock to Buy NOW

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted September 22, 2021

After averaging an abysmal $39.17 per barrel in 2020 (thanks to the havoc COVID-19 lockdowns wreaked upon the global economy), WTI prices are expected to average approximately $65.69 per barrel this year and then slightly decline to $62.37 per barrel in 2022. 

Sean McCloskey Called It

Written by Christian DeHaemer
Posted September 21, 2021

It’s not too late to sell any Chinese exposure. Don’t buy this dip — raise some cash instead. Having some money in cash is a good idea, so when and if the market hits a panic sell-off, you’ll be there to buy the fear.

Healthcare Stocks 2022, Part 1: The Future of Medtech

Written by Luke Sweeney
Posted September 20, 2021

Throwing treatments at the wall to see what sticks has been the standard operating procedure since our great-great-grandparents’ time. Finally, after centuries of wandering around in the dark, doctors have essentially been gifted a road map and a flashlight...

The Metaverse Hits the NFL

Written by Christian DeHaemer
Posted September 17, 2021

Spatial computing takes information into the third dimension and adapts it in real time. It is a combination of artificial intelligence, big data, ubiquitous sensors, 5G, the internet of things, and virtual reality. Beyond the flash, there are real moneymaking trends taking place, and early investors can profit from them.

Why Taxing the Rich Will Lead to Unintended Consequences That Will Persecute the Poor and Middle Class

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted September 16, 2021

If you truly want economic justice without it being mandated by the heavy hand of government, you really have to support cryptocurrency. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel discusses a particular opportunity he likes...

The 63-Year-Old Secret Clue Hidden Behind Peach Bottom 1

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted September 15, 2021

Would it be shocking to hear that China is preparing to replace its coal industry with nuclear power? Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reveals why China is about to make a radical clean shift in energy production.

Has Biden Gone Senile?

Written by Christian DeHaemer
Posted September 14, 2021

Analyst Christian DeHaemer has found a way you can profit from macro trends in the markets. He’s written a special report for Launchpad Trader readers that outlines six unique cryptocurrencies. Three of them trade for less than $1, but all of them have the potential for explosive growth.

Teaching Self-Driving Cars to Read With Micro-Rainbows

Written by Luke Sweeney
Posted September 13, 2021

A world that was previously designed for human eyes could start showing some interesting changes. For the first time in history, entire industries are being redesigned without humans in mind...