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Geothermal Energy Stocks

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted January 7, 2008

Green Chip Editor Nick Hodge discusses the increased use of geothermal power on the West Coast and how savvy investors can profit.

$100 Oil and the Risk Premium

Written by Sam Hopkins
Posted January 2, 2008

Energy and Capital international editor Sam Hopkins looks at the reasons and opportunities associated with $100 oil.

Investing in Cleantech

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted December 31, 2007

Editor Nick Hodge reviews green and alternative energy's market performance over the last year... and how cleantech stocks should continue to outperform.

Oil Prices Rising in 2008

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted December 27, 2007

Today, Energy and Capital Editor Keith Kohl explains why oil prices are going to climb much higher in 2008.

9 Things That'll Happen When We Run out of Oil

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted October 25, 2007

This week, Editor Keith Kohl takes a light-hearted look into our tightening oil markets.

The Carbon Market

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted September 17, 2007

Under the Kyoto agreement (and even alongside it) a number of carbon reduction and trading schemes have been established, leading to what the New York Times says "will be the world's biggest commodity market, and it could become the world's biggest market over all.

Burning Man

Written by Chris Nelder
Posted September 14, 2007

To some, it's just a party, but this author found many useful lessons in sustainability and self-reliance at the annual Burning Man bacchanal.

Tar Sands: The Oil Junkie's Last Fix, Part 1

Written by Chris Nelder
Posted August 24, 2007

What we're seeing is likely the most environmentally destructive activity man has ever attempted, with a compliant government, insatiable demand and an endless supply of capital turning it into "a speeding car with a gas pedal and no brakes."

Shanghai Cooperation for Oil

Written by Sam Hopkins
Posted August 22, 2007

A colleague of mine once suggested that I write a book called "Stuff that Stinks." It's not because I'm an olfactory snob, but because I find it hard to smell the rosy side of what most people call "progress." I find international energy to be particularly malodorous business.

The Hydrogen Economy

Written by Chris Nelder
Posted July 27, 2007 Editor Chris Nelder reveals what's really needed to build out the Hydrogen Economy, and separates the reality of useful fuel cells from the "hydrogen hype."

Trading Carbon Credits

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 23, 2007

The carbon market is quickly gaining steam. Nick takes a look at the latest details and offers ways to profit from this young industry.

Uranium Spot Prices Fall

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted July 19, 2007

The spot price for uranium has dropped recently to $130/lb. It’s been over six years since we’ve seen the spot price drop successively, does this signify the end for uranium?

Cellulosic Ethanol: 95 Billion Gallons of Opportunity

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted July 2, 2007

If we're ever to pry ourselves from oil's slippery grip, biofuels are going to have to be introduced on a much more massive scale. Cellulosic ethanol may hold the key to making that a reality.

The True Cost of Oil: $65 Trillion a Year?

Written by Chris Nelder
Posted June 29, 2007

The real reason $71 billion of new capital was poured into the renewables sector last year...

A Different Kind of Power Plant

Written by Sam Hopkins
Posted June 14, 2007

We humans have been harnessing nature for ages. Today at Kibbutz Ketura here in the southern Israeli desert, I saw cows in pens and algae in tubes. Guess which excited me more?