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The U.S. Dollar Is FUBAR, Buy Gold

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted June 22, 2020

The U.S. dollar is in big trouble. The dollar bears and gold bugs are pouring a tall glass of "I told you so" right now. Energy and Capital editor Luke Burgess offers some insight as to where investors can turn to during turbulent times in the market and world...

The Billionaire's Secret

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted June 19, 2020

The ultra-wealthy have a lot in common. They're typically hardworking, smart, and personable. They tend to be independent thinkers and good salesmen. They also tend to read a lot...

Investing in Psychedelic Mushroom Stocks

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted June 18, 2020

Vikings and psychedelic mushrooms. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel discusses historical instances of psychedelic mushrooms being used by vikings after being inspired by a popular television show to further research the idea...

How to Build the Perfect Track Record

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted June 17, 2020

Worried about the hit your portfolio has taken in the last few months or could possibly take in the near future? Don't. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows readers one way they can give their portfolio a much needed boost...

Buy Your Silver Now

Written by Christian DeHaemer
Posted June 16, 2020

Gold has been a great investment for the last 12 years. It has gone from $1320 an ounce to $1,779 an ounce with just a few hiccups. Energy and Capital editor Christian DeHaemer explains where investors may want to look next...

A Beaten-Down Commodity Ready to Surge... Again

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted June 12, 2020

Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl takes a closer look at life after covid for oil prices. One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be one helluva ride up. Heres' why...

These Four Stocks Are up 36%, 84%, 48%, and 139%

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 11, 2020

Going cashless was already a trend even before COVID-19. But now that we are in the fourth month of this pandemic, going cashless will be the new standard going forward. Energy and Capital Founder Brian Hicks discusses the cashless megatrend, and its not crypto...

Medical Marijuana Still Has Plenty of Room to Grow

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted June 10, 2020

The use of medical marijuana is legal today in 33 states across the nation. Yet despite already being legal in most states, the medical cannabis industry still has way more room to grow than most people are considering.

The Next Super Trend

Written by Christian DeHaemer
Posted June 9, 2020

The market today is perhaps the most delusional it has ever been. You have new traders on free brokerage sites like Robinhood and twitter pump and dumps creating the perfect storm. One emerging super trend will not only survive, but prosper...

Only 20 Years of Gold Reserves Left on Planet Earth

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted June 8, 2020

It's just 4 milliliters in diameter and weighs only 0.15 grams, giving the bead's gold content value of less than $8 today. But to archaeologists this tiny trinket is priceless. That's because it's the world's oldest known gold artifact...

The Magnet Metal as Important to Electric Vehicles as Lithium

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted June 5, 2020

As the world continues to modernize, more and more of these high-powered magnets will be needed to satisfy the demand for new technologies. And that creates great opportunities for substantial profits in a safe and steady market...

Investing in Psychedelics Stocks

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted June 4, 2020

As you know, Jeff Siegel helped a lot of Energy and Capital readers make a lot of money in the cannabis space. Not only was it a controversial recommendation, but it was a profitable one. Here is Jeff's next big piece of advice for investors looking for the next big market...

The Oil Crash and the Most Important Lesson to Learn for Investors

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted June 3, 2020

There are those that view this as the end, and then there are those that see this as a beginning. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl offers one important lesson every investor should learn during an oil crash...

10 Years of Pain

Written by Christian DeHaemer
Posted June 2, 2020

There is a renewed trade war with China and a simmering Cold War. The Fed has digitally printed $7 trillion. The difference between work from home people and those without work has pushed inequality to unprecedented heights.

Violent Protests Sweep the Nation

Written by Luke Burgess
Posted June 1, 2020

Like many other cities across the nation, there had been protesting and marching throughout Baltimore over the killing of George Floyd over the weekend. From my downtown apartment, I watched peaceful marching all day on Saturday accompanied by the standard fare of chanting, loudspeakers, and homemade poster board signs.