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Megan Barnard

Baltimore, MD - Megan Barnard, Energy and Capital

Megan Barnard is a financially savvy millennial who has dodged the cliché of living in her parent’s basement—in other words, she lives and breathes finance. She believes in one simple investment principal: buy fear, sell greed.

She has traveled heavily and is always searching the globe for the latest market trends, from stem cells and cryptocurrencies to the latest in biotech. Megan has a particular love of renewable energy, and brings readers up-to-date news about solar and wind power, along with the latest in EV’s and whatever crazy thing Elon Musk is planning next.

She believes that financial freedom can be found for all, millennials and older generations alike. Megan has always gone against the crowd and is a strong proponent of the idea that money comes to those who buy fear and sell greed. 

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