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Chris Nelder

Chris hails from Marin County, near San Francisco, a hotbed of writers, progressive thought and the pursuit of sustainability.

Chris NelderChris was a software engineer and technical writer for 17 years, working for powerhouses like Microsoft. During that time he also founded and published an online magazine called Better World in the mid '90s, as part of his lifelong interest in sustainability.

However, after 9/11, he had an epiphany: He realized that peak oil, climate change, and ecological overshoot were about to change life as we know it, and that mankind was now facing its greatest crisis ever. He had to take up the challenge.

He then embarked on intensive study of Peak Oil, the world of energy, and new sustainable modes of living appropriate to the challenges of the 21st Century. From his perch at the foot of Mt. Tamalpais, Chris began sharing his observations with the world through his blog. He then jumped out of the software industry and into the solar industry, where he designed, sold and installed solar PV systems for several years.

At that point Chris realized that investing was key to addressing our energy challenges, and in his pursuit of investing opportunities, he came across Angel Publishing's newsletters about energy: Wealth Daily, Energy and Capital and Green Chip Stocks. After a quick introduction, Chris joined up with the Baltimore boys, and the rest is history.

From the time he bought his first stock at the age of 9, through the years of working as a software developer for MSN Money, and on up to the present, Chris has been an investor for most of his life.

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