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Investing in Hybrid Vehicles

How A 77 MPG Car Can Make You Money

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted April 25, 2008 at 6:16PM

Yesterday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the media that she had asked the President to work with Democrats to figure out a way to temporarily suspend oil deliveries to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to ease the pain at the pump.


We consume roughly 21 million barrels per day, and these guys are talking about temporarily suspending the 70,000 barrels that go to the reserves?

Give me a break!

It's funny, but every time we see oil prices soar, the politicians come out with their latest plan, and every plastic-faced anchor person on the local news gives us a laundry list of things we can do to help "ease the pain at the pump."

Here are a few of the wonderful suggestions we've seen so far.

· Keep your tires properly inflated

· Check and replace air filters regularly

· Don't speed

· Avoid excessive idling

· Stagger your work hours, if possible, to avoid peak rush hours

Stagger your work hours? Are these people serious?

How many hard-working folks in this country have the freedom to just "stagger their work hours" to avoid rush hour?

What a joke!

I have a better idea.

How about everyone stops jerking us around with all these BS "things we can do" to help ease the pain, and start integrating transportation options that simply cut our fuel consumption now!

Seems easy enough, right?

Tell that to Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota who's seeking to attach an amendment to the upcoming supplemental appropriations bill that would forbid the government from sending oil to the reserves if oil prices are above $75 a barrel.

Yeah, that's a brilliant idea. Under that line of thinking, we'll never have a strategic reserve again.

Listen: The solution to our gasoline consumption woes will not be found in diverting 70,000 barrels of oil per day. The solution to our gasoline consumption is to STOP CONSUMING SO MUCH DAMN GASOLINE!!!

The bastards that run the big auto-makers spent millions to keep the fuel efficiency standards low. The mandate is a pathetic 35 mpg by 2020.

As gas prices continue to rise, do you honestly think we should be waiting around for another 12 years, just to get to 35 miles per gallon?

This is solving nothing for the average citizen that's trying to feed his family with a devaluating dollar and a doubling and tripling of food prices!

Fortunately, there are dozens of forward-thinking capitalists that are now stepping up and offering REAL solutions. And these are the guys that are enabling the future of personal transportation by investing in hybrid... specifically, the next generation of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs).

In fact, on Thursday, a company we initially told our readers about almost a year ago, announced some very promising news for this industry.

Hybrid Vehicles: 77.41 Miles per Gallon? Done!!!

EnerDel, the advanced battery systems subsidiary of Ener1, Inc. (OTCBB:ENON) announced on Thursday the confirmation by a U.S. government laboratory of the energy, power and efficiency, as well as thermal performance of the company's lithium-ion battery system.

What's that mean?

Here's the quick version...

Based on the testing, using the company's lithium-titanate battery in a Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle configuration (of a Toyota Prius), the vehicle was able to achieve 77.41 miles per gallon.

Moreover, the battery pack did not overheat during the test. This has been a concern (and excuse) by the majors with lithium-ion batteries.

Now let me ask you this...

Which would you prefer?

A vehicle that meets the mandated 35 miles per gallon in 12 years, or a vehicle that'll get you 77.41 miles per gallon right now?

And answer that question, not as an investor, but as a consumer.

While our elected officials bicker over what to do with 70,000 barrels of oil in an effort shave $0.05 off the price of gas—the market has already begun to revolutionize personal transportation.

Because the market knows that a temporary $0.05 reduction in the price of gas is about as useful as Paris Hilton in a game of scrabble.

You want in on the future of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles and personal transportation? One that will enable an enormous reduction in oil consumption, and satisfy the demand of nearly every U.S. citizen that has to drive his car to work every day?

Then you better stake your claim to the PHEV market right now.

We've been getting rich investing off this stuff for the past few years, and we're going to continue to get rich off this stuff by investing for the next ten!

To a new way of life, my friends...and a new generation of wealth

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